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The Politics of Multiculturalism: a Ukrainian-Canadian Memoir
The book Politics of Multiculturalism is the memoir of an academic whose expertise in the education of Canadian minorities led him to take on a major political role in the Canadian multicultural movement. Born in the Ukrainian bloc settlement of…
Subject: Multiculturalism Author: Manoly R. Lupul Tags: , , , , ,

Ukraine and Russia in their historical encounter
Ukraine's attainment of political independence since 1991 has focused world attention on relations between Ukraine and Russia, the two most powerful successor states to the USSR. This collection of essays by eminent specialists provides a reliable…
Subject: Ukrainian–Russian Relations Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Щоденник, том другий, 1921–1925
An excellent primary source for the study of the political and cultural climate of Eastern and Western Europe from 1921 to 1925. Living in exile in Europe, Vynnychenko recorded his extensive interaction with West European cultural figures, as well as…
Author: Volodymyr Vynnychenko Tags: , ,

Щоденник, том перший, 1911–1920
The daily journal of the author and political figure who headed the first Ukrainian government, the Central Rada, and led the Directory of the Ukrainian People's Republic during the revolution era (1917–20). The annotations by Hryhorii Kostiuk, head…
Author: Volodymyr Vynnychenko Tags: ,

Soviet Regional Economics: Selected Works of Vsevolod Holubnychy
An incisive and prolific writer, Holubnychy had a wide range of interest that is reflected in this collection of essays: Ukrainian politics; Soviet regional economics, especially the position of Ukraine within the Soviet economic system; Marxist…
Author: Iwan S. Koropeckyj Tags: , ,

The Sovietization of Ukraine, 1917–1923
This work concerns the Bolsheviks' theory and practice of national self-determination with regard to Ukraine from the outbreak of the revolution in 1917 to the creation of the Soviet Union in 1923. In addition to presenting a detailed account of the…
Author: Jurij Borys Tags: , , ,

Rethinking Ukrainian History
Nine essays reexamine major aspects of Ukrainian history including Kyivan Rus', the Ukrainian nobility and elites, Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic World, the growth and development of Ukrainian cities, the evolution of the Ukrainian literary…
Subject: History Author: Ivan L. Rudnytsky John-Paul Himka Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground, 1943–1951
This volume brings together a rich selection of sixteen analytical essays and seven programmatic statements written by those directly involved in the struggle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The problems addressed include German and Russian…
Subject: Politics Author: Peter J. Potichnyj Yevhen Shtendera Tags: , , ,

Church, Nation and State in Russia and Ukraine
This unique collection of nineteen essays is the product of a conference held in July 1988 at the University of London, UK. By addressing a diverse number of religious issues in both historical and contemporary contexts, the authors seek to "correct…
Subject: Church Author: Bohdan R. Bociurkiw Simon Dixon Peter J.S. Duncan Pal Kolsto Dimitry Pospielovsky John-Paul Himka John Basil Frank E. Sysyn Brenda Meehan-Waters and others. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Christian Social Ethics in Ukraine: The Legacy of Andrei Sheptytsky
In the first half of the twentieth century, Christianity in Europe faced an unprecedented range of social, economic, and political issues that challenged the very essence of the faith. In response to the rise of socialism, the struggle for political…
Subject: Religion Author: Krawchuk Andrii Tags: , , ,

The Tsymbaly Maker and His Craft: The Ukrainian Hammered Dulcimer
A description of the construction, history, and use of the Ukrainian hammer dulcimer in Canada. This volume appears in the Canadian Series in Ukrainian Ethnology, co-published with the Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography at the…
Subject: Folklore Author: Mark Jaroslav Bandera Tags: ,

The Emergence of Ukraine Self-Determination, Occupation, and War in Ukraine, 1917–1922
The book The Emergence of Ukraine: Self-Determination, Occupation, and War in Ukraine, 1917–1922, is a collection of articles by several prominent historians from Austria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia who undertook a detailed study of the…
Subject: History of Ukraine Author: Wolfram Dornik Georgiy Kasianov Hannes Leidinger Peter Lieb Alexei Miller Bogdan Musial Vasyl Rasevych Tags: , , , , , , ,

New Contributions to the History of the Ukrainian Language
Michael Moser's New Contributions to the History of the Ukrainian Language is a collection of scholarly essays that examine the development of Ukrainian from its beginnings to the present. In 1863 the imperial Russian minister of the interior, Petr…
Subject: Ukrainian Language Author: Michael Moser Tags: ,

Indeks ukraïnsʹkoï katolytskoï periodyky Halychyny : 1871–1942INDEX to the Crecko Catholic Реrіоdісаl Literature of Ukraine, 1871–1942
The present index is an attempt to contribute to the renewal of religious scholarship in Ukraine. With more than 8,000 entries and cross-references, it presents the collective output of nineteen Ukrainian Grecko Catholic journals and almanachs over a…
Subject: Religion and Culture Program Author: Andrii Krawchuk Tags: ,

Published posthumously, this beautiful collection of more than 130 Ukrainian folk songs, including tablatures and lyrics, is intended for bandurists, musicians, and lovers of Ukrainian music in general. See kobza and bandura in the Enclopedia of…
Subject: Folk Author: Shtokalko Zynovii Hornjatkevyč Andrij Tags: , , , ,

Kobzarskyi Pidruchnyk
This book is both a theoretical and a practical volume for the bandurist's library. Various chapters address exercises (e.g. left-hand, right-hand, both hands), playing techniques, etc. Dozens of songs, tablatures, lyrics, and detailed information…
Subject: Folk Author: Shtokalko Zynovii Hornjatkevyč Andrij Tags: , , ,

Pershyĭ Vseukraïnsʹkyĭ pravoslavnyĭ tserkovnyi sobor UAPTS 14–30 zhovtnia 1921 roku: dokumenty i materialy
The publication of the proceedings of the first Council of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which was held in Kyiv in October 1921, contains the previously unpublished proceedings of the ecclesiastical council that laid the foundations…
Subject: Church in Ukraine Author: Plokhy S. Sokhan P. Yakovlyeva L. Tags: ,

Tkanyna : an exhibit of Ukrainian weaving = Tkanyna: vystavka ukraı̈nsʹkoho tkat͡stva
This is beautiful title contains a parallel bilingual English-Ukrainian text and includes colour photographs of Ukrainian textiles and weaving artifacts displayed at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village near Edmonton in 1988.

Co-published with…
Subject: Art Author: Bilash Radomir Borislaw Wilberg Barbara Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society Tags: , , , ,

Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective
The book Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective is a rich and stimulating collection of twenty-three papers from the 1983 conference on Ukrainian-Jewish relations held at McMaster University, Canada. The essays in this unique volume…
Subject: Jews in Ukraine Author: Aster Howard Potichnyj Peter J Tags: , , , ,

Famine in Ukraine 1932–1933
The Soviet Man-made famine of 1932–3 in Ukraine claimed the lives of millions of people, yet until recently it has remained veiled in obscurity. This pioneering volume, which appeared before the publication of Robert Conquest's Harvest of Sorrow and…
Subject: Holodomor (Famine in Ukraine) Author: Serbyn Roman Krawchenko Bohdan Tags: , , ,

Essays in Modern Ukrainian History
A collection of twenty-three essays by Ivan L. Rudnytsky, a leading historian of modern Ukraine noted for his original interpretation of key issues in modern Ukrainian history.

Essay titles include:

The Role of Ukraine in Modern History
Subject: History Author: Rudnytsky Ivan L. (Ivan Lysiak) Tags: ,

Ukrainians of the Eastern Diaspora : an Atlas
The atlas Ukrainians of the Eastern Diaspora is the first such publication concerning Ukrainians living outside their ethnic territory and scattered throughout the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union during the course of the last century. The Soviet…
Subject: Diaspora Author: VSEVOLOD NAULKO IHOR VYNNYCHENKO ROSTYSLAV SOSSA Ttranslated by Serge Cipko and Myroslav Yurkevich Tags: ,

Morality and Reality: the Life and Times of Andrei Sheptytsḱyi
Andrei Sheptyts'kyi (1865–1944), metropolitan-archbishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Galicia, was a towering figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian life. This collection of twenty-one essays examines Metropolitan Sheptyts'kyi as church hierarch,…
Subject: Religion Author: Edited by Magocsi Paul R Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Tags: ,

Chernobyl and Nuclear Power in the USSR
Chernobyl and Nuclear Power in the USSR provided the first detailed account of the Soviet nuclear power industry and of the nature, impact and consequences of the Chernobyl (Chornobyl) disaster of 28 April 1986. Marples places the Chornobyl accident…
Subject: Chernobyl Author: David R. Marples Tags: , ,

Social Change and National Consciousness in Twentieth-century Ukraine
The first social history of modern Ukraine in English. This book examines the effects of social and political change in twentieth-century Ukraine on the national consciousness of workers, peasants, the intelligentsia, and the political elite.…
Subject: History of Ukraine Author: Bohdan Krawchenko Tags: , , , ,

An Age and Destiny: Memoirs / Доба і Доля: Спогади
These memoirs cover more than half of a century - from the end of XIX c. to the beginning of the 1950s, which was a turbulent time marked by three revolutions and the two World Wars. Ukraine has gained and lost its brief independence, went through…
Author: Ivan Kozub Tags: ,

Владімір (Зеев) Жаботинський і Українське Питання: Вселюдськість у Шатах Націоналізму / Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky: Universality in the Guise of Nationalism
This book is dedicated to political and social work of one of the most prolific members of the Zionism movement, born in Ukraine, Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880-1940), and his close connections with Ukrainian liberation movement.
Author: Israel Kleiner Tags: , , , , ,

Ukrainian Canadians, Multiculturalism, and Separatism: An Assessment
Proceedings of a 1977 conference discussing the relationship between multiculturalism and Québécois separatism and illustrating the Ukrainian contribution to the national-unity debate. Contributors include Bohdan Bociurkiw, Camille Laurin, Ivan…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Manoly R. Lupul ed. Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Loyalties in Conflict: Ukrainians in Canada during the Great War
This collection of eight essays provides a detailed examination of the wartime experience of Canada's Ukrainian community. Chapters include: The Internment of Ukrainians in Canada The Enemy Aliens and the Canadian General Election of 1917 The…
Author: Frances Swyripa John Herd Thompson eds. Tags: , ,

Ukraine and Russia in their Historical Encounter
Ukraine's attainment of political independence since 1991 has focused world attention on relations between Ukraine and Russia, the two most powerful successor states to the USSR. This collection of essays by eminent specialists provides a reliable…
Author: Jaroslaw Pelenski Peter J. Potichnyj Marc Raeff Gleb N. Zekulin eds. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Chernobyl: A Documentary Story
Dr. Shcherbak traveled to the dangerous zone around the reactor at Chernobyl, lived there and interviewed firemen, first-aid workers, party and government officials, local media representatives, and foreign visitors. The result is a variety of vivid…
Author: Iurii Shcherbak Tags: , , ,

Кордони України: історична ретроспектива / The Boundaries of Ukraine: Historical Retrospect and Current Status
A collection of essays looking at historical continuity and change of Ukraine's borders, from the time of Hetmanate to renegotiations within the Soviet Union and after its collapse. Volume publishe in Ukraine.
Subject: History of Ukraine Author: Vasyl' Boiechko Oksana Hanzha Borys Zakharchuk Tags: , , , , , , ,

Visible Symbols: Cultural Expression Among Canada's Ukrainians
The twenty-three essays in this volume address various aspects of the codes, archetypes, and symbols that recur in Ukrainian-Canadian material culture, art, music, dance, and mores. Chapters include: Endurance, Disappearance and Adaptation: Ukrainian…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Manoly R. Lupul Tags: , , , , ,

Changing Realities: Social Trends Among Ukrainian Canadians
Twelve essays provide a portrait of Ukrainian Canadians analyzing the various ways in which the Ukrainian population has changed over several decades. Contributors include Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Olga Kuplowska, Jean E. Wolowyna, Charles B. Keely, Ivan…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Roman W. Petryshyn Tags: , , ,

Osvita: Ukrainian Bilingual Education
This volume contains the proceedings of the first conference in Canada on research into Ukrainian-language education. Eighteen articles examine the teaching of Ukrainian in partial-immersion classrooms in Canada, focusing on the Ukrainian-English…
Subject: Ukrainian Bilingual Education Author: Manoly R. Lupul ed. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Recollections about the Life of the First Ukrainian Settlers in Canada
Thi is a translation of the memoirs of William Czumer, Spomyny pro perezhyvannia pershykh ukrains'kykh pereselentsiv v Kanadi, which chronicle Ukrainian life in Canada during the first twenty-five years of settlement. See Ukrainians and Alberta in…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: William Andrew Czumer / Vasyl Andrii Czumer Tags: , , ,

Prophets and Proletarians: Documents on the History of the Rise and Decline of Ukrainian Communism in Canada
This collection of more than 400 of the most pertinent documents relating to the origin, growth, and decline of Ukrainian pro-communist organizations. The content of this work is divided into three sections: The Roots of Ukrainian Communism, 1904–18,…
Subject: Ukrainian Communism in Canada Author: John Kolasky Tags: , ,

Continuity and Change: The Cultural Life of Alberta's First Ukrainians
A comprehensive, interdisciplinary examination of the life of the first Ukrainian immigrants. The volume consists of eight parts. It begins with a prologue by Roman Onufrijchuk that sets the stage for understanding the difficult process of cultural…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Manoly R. Lupul Tags: , ,

Ethnicity in a Technological Age
Twelve path-breaking essays define the territory for a Canadian social philosophy of ethnicity. They address the major issues of immigration, discrimination, consumerism, government policy, ethics, gender, media, and political strategy. From a…
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Ian Angus Tags: , , ,

Galician Villagers and the Ukrainian National Movement in the Nineteenth Century
This first case study of how the East European peasantry was drawn into national politics focuses on the Ukrainians of Galicia (1772–1914). On the basis of first-hand testimony by peasants and rural notables, it demonstrates that the peasants'…
Subject: History of Ukraine Author: John-Paul Himka Tags: , , , ,

Development in the Shadow: Studies in Ukrainian Economics
The Russian occupation of Ukraine under the tsarist and communist regimes exerted a decisive influence on the development of Ukrainian economics. The present collection of essays, written over a ten-year period, explores some of the pertinent issues.…
Subject: Modern Ukraine Author: Iwan S. Koropeckyj Tags: , ,

Ukraine: From Chernobyl' to Sovereignty: A Collection of Interviews
This collection of fifteen stimulating interviews with well-known figures and academics is relevant. It includes discussions with Adam Michnik, Vitalii Karpenko, Pavlo Movchan, Mykola Riabchuk, Yurii Pokalchuk, Ivan Drach, Anatolii Pohribnyi,…
Subject: Modern Ukraine Author: Roman Solchanyk Tags: , ,

Юрій Олексійович Меженко (1892–1969): матеріяли до біографії
The book is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Yurii Oleksiiovych Mezhenko, a leading Ukrainian bibliophile, bibliographer, literary and theatre critic. Published with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Subject: Biography Author: Ihnatova T. Kozakova N. Strishenets' N. Tags: ,

Ukraine after Shelest
The successes and failures of Shcherbytsky's mission represent the major theme of this collection of essays. which deals with the national question, dissent and opposition, literary politics, the economy, and ethno-demographic trend.
Subject: History of Ukraine Author: Bohdan Krawchenko Tags: ,

The Tsymbaly Maker and His Craft: The Ukrainian Hammered Dulcimer
This description of the construction, history, and use of the Ukrainian hammer dulcimer in Canada.
Subject: Folklore Author: Mark Jaroslav Bandera Tags: , ,

Identifications: Ethnicity and the Writer in Canada
This book presents eight selected papers from a conference held in Edmonton in 1979, that examined the relationship between ethnicity and the works of selected writers in Canada.
Subject: Ethnicity Author: Jars Balan Tags: , , ,

Historical Driving Tour: Ukrainian Churches in East Central Alberta
This guide to twenty-six churches in the historic Ukrainian settlement area of east-central Alberta. Includes street addresses of parishes, several maps, and a glossary. Published in association with the Inventory of Potential Historic Sites, Alberta…
Subject: Ukrainian Churches in Alberta Author: Diana Thomas Kordan Tags: , , ,

Ukrainian Canadians: A Survey of Their Portrayal in English-Language Works
This chronological examination of government reports, theses, novels, magazine articles, and writings by educators and churchmen prior to 1970.
Subject: Ukrainian Canadians Author: Frances Swyripa Tags: , ,

Ваплітянський збірник
This is a rich collection of letters, diaries, poetry, and fiction from the archives of VAPLITE (1925–28). Writers include M. Khvylovy, P. Tychyna, M. Kulish, M. Bazhan, V. Sosiura, A. Lubchenko, O. Vyshnia, and many others.
Subject: Ukrainian Literature Author: George S.N. Luckyj Tags: , , ,

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