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The book Politics of Multiculturalism is the memoir of an academic whose expertise in the education of Canadian minorities led him to take on a major political role in the Canadian multicultural movement. Born in the Ukrainian bloc settlement of…

Mykola Soroka interviews Olenka Bilash about Ukrainian education in Canada.

CIUS seminar audio.Following a short documentary film on the rebirth of the Ostroh Academy, Ihor Pasichnyk (Rector, Ostroh Academy National University), spoke on “The Ostroh Academy as a Factor in the Education of Ukraine’s Elites Today.”Found in…

CIUS Seminar audio.His Excellency Ihor Ostash (Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada) spoke on Canada-Ukraine relations and developing co-operation in education and scholarship.Found in CIUS Newsletter 2007

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The seventh Institute seminar at the University of Alberta was presented on 15 January 1980 by Karol Adamowicz, a graduate student in the Department of Educational Foundations. He spoke on "Ukrainian Education in…

At the third Institute seminar of the 1977-78 academic year, held on November 3, Andrij Makuch, fourth-year honors student in history, spoke on "The Ukrainians and the Manitoba School Question: 1916." / In an attempt to mollify the French, the…

This volume contains the proceedings of the first conference in Canada on research into Ukrainian-language education. Eighteen articles examine the teaching of Ukrainian in partial-immersion classrooms in Canada, focusing on the Ukrainian-English…

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