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2 Pritsak, History 1231 Eastern Europe from Eurasian Perspective 1978.pdf
In 1996 the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Studies of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies initiated its monograph series with the publication of Ukraine between East and West: Essays on Cultural History to the Early Eighteenth…

Nine essays reexamine major aspects of Ukrainian history including Kyivan Rus', the Ukrainian nobility and elites, Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic World, the growth and development of Ukrainian cities, the evolution of the Ukrainian literary…

Sysyn, F. with Mokry, V._.jpg
Volodymyr Mokry, Jagiellonian University, Kraków,

CIUS book launch audio.On October 6, 2011, Serhii Plokhii and Frank Sysyn discussed volume 9, book 2, part 2 of Mykhailo Hrushevsky's History of Ukraine-Rus' the latest addition to this translation series issued by the Peter Jacyk Centre for…

CIUS interview audio (4 parts).Interview with Frank Sysyn about his life as well as his academic and cultural development.

CIUS audio interview.As Professor Serhii Plokhii was preparing to leave to leave CIUS in order to take up his new position as Mykhailo S. Hrushevsky professor of Ukrainian history at Harvard University, he recorded the following conversation with the…

CIUS Press 2 press authors.jpg
Dr. Frank Sysyn; Dr. Serhii Plokhy, and Dr. Zenon Kohut at the CIUS Press book launch held in Toronto in 2014.

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