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Osvita: Ukrainian Bilingual Education

Description: This volume contains the proceedings of the first conference in Canada on research into Ukrainian-language education. Eighteen articles examine the teaching of Ukrainian in partial-immersion classrooms in Canada, focusing on the Ukrainian-English classrooms in Edmonton. Chapters include: Literary Ukrainian and Its Dialects English Calques in Canadian Ukrainian Ukrainian-Language Acquisition in the Immersion Classroom Form-Classes (Parts-of-Speech) and Their Frequency in Canadian Children's Ukrainian Language and Canadian Multiculturalism Measures of Ukrainian Classroom Verbal Processes and Products Story Theatre and Ukrainian-Language Learning Television: A Tool for Ukrainian-Language Acquisition Evaluation of the Ukrainian Bilingual Programme in the Edmonton Catholic School District The Teacher in Edmonton's Ukrainian Bilingual Programme Parental Expectations of the Ukrainian Bilingual Programme Language Behaviour in the Ukrainian Home The NOL Study: Implications for Ukrainian-Language Teaching The Effects of Intermarriage on Bilingual Education Among Ukrainians in Canada The Politics of Ukrainian Bilingual Education in Alberta Cultural Content in the Ukrainian-Language Classroom Future Directions for Ukrainian-Language Education Contributors include Natalia Pylypiuk, Wsevolod Isajiw, Nicolae Pavliuc, Andrij Hornjatkevyc, Oksanna A. Wynnyckyj, Jim Cummins, Patricia Sembaliuk, Eugene Ewanyshyn, Anna Eliuk, Olga M. Kuplowska, Donald J. Dawson, Roman Chumak, and many others.
Publisher: CIUS, University of Alberta
Date: 1985
Language: English





Manoly R. Lupul ed., “Osvita: Ukrainian Bilingual Education,” CIUS-Archives, accessed May 29, 2024,
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