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Politics and Society in Soviet Ukraine, 1953–1980

Description: Based on meticulous study and analysis of Soviet sources, particularly the Soviet press, it encompasses Soviet Ukraine from the death of Stalin to Shcherbytsky's rule as first party secretary. A final chapter on society examines economic aspects, religion and religious movements in Ukraine, and the Russification of Ukrainian society fostered by the Soviet regime.

The author of numerous books and scholarly articles, Borys Lewytzkyj (1915–84) was a prominent authority on Soviet affairs. Born in Vienna he became well known as a publicist and journalist serving as editor in chief of the newspaper Nove selo (1936–1939) in Lviv. During the Second World War, he was active in the Ukrainian Democratic Revolutionary Party (UDRP), led by Ivan Mitringa, which took part in the resistance movement against the German occupants.
Publisher: CIUS Press
Date: 1984
Contributor: Borys Lewytzkyj
Language: English





Borys Lewytzkyj, having emigrated to Munich after the war, became co-editor of the UDRP organ Vpered (Foreward) from 1949 to 1956, contributing a variety of articles about life in the USSR. He was an advisor to the West German Social Democratic Party on Soviet affairs, established his own research bureau in Munich, and published many books on Soviet politics., “Politics and Society in Soviet Ukraine, 1953–1980,” CIUS-Archives, accessed September 21, 2023,
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