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Interview with Katherine Howell and Christina Palamarchuk: University of Alberta Students to Study at Lviv University

Subject: Interview
Description: CIUS interview audio.

Bohdan Klid interviews Ms. Howell and Ms. Palamarchuk. For the 2007-08 academic year, two students from the U of A—Katherine Howell and Christina Palamarchuk—will be going to study at Lviv University. Ms. Howell has completed her fourth year of study, majoring in sociology and Ukrainian language and literature. Christina Palamarchuk is about to enter her fourth year, majoring in psychology with a minor in linguistics. Ms. Howell is planning to study for one semester, while Ms. Palamarchuk plans to stay for two semesters. Both, in addition to their studies, hope to become involved in extracurricular activities, such as singing in a university choir, joining a student group on campus, and perhaps doing volunteer work off campus, such as at an orphanage.

The two U of A students are looking forward to learn about contemporary Ukrainian culture and experience what it’s like to live in today’s Ukraine. Christin a Palamarchuk has never been to Ukraine before, while Katherine Howell did visit the country briefly for three weeks in 2001 during a Ukrainian dance group tour. Katherine Howell has taken many Ukrainian courses at the U of A and is a graduate of the Ukrainian-English bilingual school program in Edmonton. Christina Palamarchuk was in the bilingual school program to grade 6.

Here is the link to the interview with Ms. Howell and Ms. Palamarchuk after their return from their exchange.

Found in CIUS Press Release June 18, 2007
Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: May 29, 2007
Language: English, Ukrainian
Original Format: Digital audio recording





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