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CIUS lecture audio.Co-organized by CIUS and the Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Edmonton, the forty-seventh Shevchenko lecture at the University of Alberta was given by Kateryna Levchenko, who spoke on “Indifference to the Violation of…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2. As a participant in the conference on the status of women in eastern Europe, Dr. Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak gave an unscheduled Institute seminar on "Natalia Kobrynska: A Formulator of Feminism." The seminar took…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.Using census and statistical material from W. Darcovich and P. Yuzyk (eds.), "Statistical Compendium on Ukrainian Canadians, 1891-1977" and material from a survey of historical and sociological literature, the first…

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