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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 33–34

The special issue Tentorium honorum (volumes 33-34, 2008-2009) is a collection of thirty-three essays written by North American and European colleagues and former students in honor of Frank E. Sysyn, the distinguished specialist in Ukrainian, Polish, and East European history and a major figure in the development of Ukrainian historical studies in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Germany for more than three decades. The essays, which range from medieval to contemporary East European and Ukrainian history, reflect the breadth and impact of his scholarship. Tentorium honorum includes a biographical essay about Professor Sysyn and a select bibliography of his works. The title was adopted from a seventeenth-century panegyric to Adam Kysil, the Ukrainian leader and Polish statesman who was the subject of Professor Sysyn's groundbreaking monograph on early-modern Ukraine and Poland-Lithuania.

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