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2 Pritsak, History 1231 Eastern Europe from Eurasian Perspective 1978.pdf
In 1996 the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Studies of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies initiated its monograph series with the publication of Ukraine between East and West: Essays on Cultural History to the Early Eighteenth…

CIUS seminar audio.On November 18, 2010, Joung Ho Park (Institute of Russian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea), gave a seminar presentation on the topic: “The Implications of Ukrainian Studies in Korea.”Found in CIUS…

CIUS seminar audio.Oksana Tyshchenko presents on the topic of teaching ukrainian for professional purposes, such as for students whose specialty is not language. The speaker discusses the language policy in Ukraine, focusing on the legislative basis…

Додатки: Роман Шпорлюк — Іван Лисяк-Рудницький: листування 1964–1982 рр, Роман Шпорлюк — Юрій Шевельов: листування 1962–1979 рр.

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