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Part 15: Customized Database for Church-Related Digital Photographs

Description: CIUS conference audio (Part 15 of 16)

Outline of presentation:

Churches are not just buildings – they are also people.
He is very enthusiastic about churches. He’s prepared an internet database. Admires Ed Ledohowski’s site.
The evolution of his database. He has documented over 1200 churches in the prairie provinces. The public would log on differently than a controlled researcher. The database has to be searchable. He can search by date of construction, for example. A wiki
model. Photos over time. Searchable by area, by architectural features (number of domes, e.g.), name of church.
Use subcommittees, say church architecture subcommittee, cemetery subcommittee, etc. to develop the kind of information to collect.
Researchers should carry a scanner. People will bring out documents, photos, etc.
Example of how much a single shot of the interior can tell us. And then by comparison with later photos. Dump as much in the database as possible and let the researchers play. We can do this website right now. In short order.
Position of cemetery in relation to the church.
5:00-6:00: Wrap-Up Discussion and Brain-Storming

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Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: January 26, 2008
Contributor: Thomas Nahachewsky
Language: English
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CIUS, “Part 15: Customized Database for Church-Related Digital Photographs,” CIUS-Archives, accessed December 3, 2023,
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