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Part 16: Discussion directed by Jars Balan

Description: CIUS conference audio (Part 16 of 16)

Outline of presentation:

What structure? (JPH)
Partnerships necessary with Saskatoon and Winnipeg (the Ukrainian centers). Apply for grants in different provinces. We should strike an initiative group. (Jars Balan)
We really need to do a much more thorough review of what has been done. The search can be expanded by volunteer labor. (Frances Swyripa)
It’s a good idea to get started. Start to show what you will do differently. A quick and easy way to start is to start a website for the project. That way info you do have gets immediately posted. Thomas Nahachewsky’s database is a good place to start. Pilot project will need to concentrate on the new stuff – the training, etc. The project has to decide new material and/or new material. (Marusia Petryshyn)
All projects start with an idea. You need a few people – half a dozen at the most. Go slow with an idea. Start in Alberta. Wait for the others. Collect the books. Contact architects, painters. Eventually you also need money. We should contact Teresa, the daughter of Anna Baran. (Peter Savaryn)
Hard thoughts: What you do, you do. The rest is just talk. (Nick Ochotta)
Establish technical committee. (Ostap Skrypnyk)
John Lehr and Ed Ledohowski decided to form a Manitoba Working Group or contact group. Keep everyone aware. Things could be done once we get the technical standards. (Ed Ledohowski)
Have the pilot project also collect existing materials. (Marusia Petryshyn)
A low tech manual of instruction would be worth developing even now. A preliminary form. Something in hard form. The Manitoba people could produce one fairly quickly. (Stella Hryniuk)
What are the legal requirements for putting stuff on web, on databases? Coordinating effort should deal with these issues. (Thomas Nahachewsky)
Worried about the scope of the project. Terms of reference. Parish life? List of priests? We can get excited about social history, etc., but it may be too much. First committee needs to set up the terms of reference. (Ostap Skrypnyk)
What is the technical architecture of the project? This is not a step-by-step project, but something done in parallel. Lets move and things should come together into a master plan. (Bohdan Hrynyshyn)
We will need some official permission/blessing from the consistories to help us, to be partners in reaching the community. (Roman Yereniuk)
Archives and other institutions would probably be happy to give us permissions when we provide money and manpower? (Frances Swyripa) We should offer training not only to students but volunteers. (Brian Cherwick)
Put up links to the websites that we had today, put up the PowerPoint presentations, Frances’ survey, etc. right from today. (Anne-Marie Decore)
In point form:
•Obtain blessings of ecclesiastical authorities
•Formation of initiative group based in Edmonton/CIUS
•Preliminary database of existing materials, projects, archival sources, publications
•Establish website for project, chat room, with blog, links to existing sources
•Apply for U of A grant
•Conduct pilot project
•Develop questionnaire/template for gathering material
•Develop training program for fieldworkers – students and volunteers
•Develop training program for fieldworkers – students and volunteers
•Identify potential partners, repositories
•Establish technical committee – architecture of database
•Establish provincial working groups
•Develop manual for local congregations/groups (low tech handbook)
•Need for legal direction/copyright advice
•Establish terms of reference defining scope of the project, its short-term and long-term objectives
•Need to work on parallel thrusts

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Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: January 26, 2008
Language: English
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