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Part 6: Discussion

Description: CIUS conference audio (Part 6 of 16)

Outline of presentation:

Interesting additional information on graveyards, crosses (much discussion of three-barred crosses). (Bohdan Hrynyshyn, Jars Balan, Andrij Hornjatkevyc, others) It is important to note that Ukrainians were next to other ethnic groups. We should consider graveyards where Ukrainians were in a minority. Ukrainians were also buried in largely Polish cemeteries. She cited some examples. We should look at these. (Stella Hryniuk) There are missing cemeteries. Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is trying to piece together all the cemeteries. Looking for volunteers to deal with ethnic cemeteries. (Ostap Skrypnyk) Plea to publicize more widely the kind of information presented at this session. (Oksana Ensslen) There are resources from the province for this kind of project. On p. 21 of Frances’ survey there are lists of churches according to three categories. Resources in all of these categories are eligible for preservation funding, and that includes funding for documentation. There are also ways to apply to get other churches put into these categories. Alberta Tourism etc. Good to partner with municipalities. (Matthew Francis) 10:30-11:30: Manitoba: A Case Study

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Author: CIUS
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Date: January 26, 2008
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