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Part 7: Prairie Churches in Manitoba

Description: CIUS conference audio (Part 7 of 16)

Outline of presentation:

An overview of what’s going on in Manitoba. Has provided a cd for each participant.
Manitoba did inventories, divided the province into survey districts (number), gave different kinds of building a code (letter). Examples of inventory forms. As they improved the forms, they made it easier for non-architects to use. Sanctuary will need standardized inventory forms, so these examples will be useful. They had a statistical
scoring method to find the most important buildings to preserve. [They used paper forms.] They also did individual building studies, area studies, studies of a particular kind. The inventory of Ukrainian churches was turned into a nice coffee table book by Stella Hryniuk.
There are lists of municipally and provincially designated heritage sites, including Ukrainian religious structures. EL made a definitive list of Ukrainian religious structures in Manitoba (about 500!).
The Manitoba Prairie Churches Initiative got money from Welch’s (50,000 USD). With matching and stuff, they started their project with 200,000 CAD. This is an NGO composed of three people. Online photo gallery organized by ethnicity. Reports also on line.
Tourism. EL is involved with tourism. They hold an annual fall field trip. This develops local experts. Self-guided driving tour.

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Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: January 26, 2008
Contributor: Ed Ledohowski
Language: English
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