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CIUS interview audio parts 1 and 2.Jars Balan interviews Albert Hohol

CIUS interview audio.Jars Balan interviews Peter Savaryn

CIUS interview audio (3 Parts).Interview with Ilya Semchyshyn about Ukraine. Born in Bosnia on August 2, 1951. His predecessors were born in Galicia. Mr. Semchyshyn witnessed the Bosnian war.

CIUS interview audio.Jars Balan interviews an unidentified individual from the town "Moysensin" in the Poltava region.

CIUS seminar audio. In this recording Ruslan Zabily gives a seminar about the status of archives, museums, and academic freedom in Ukraine.

On June 8, 2010, Iryna Matiash (State Committee on Archives of Ukraine) spoke at the book launch of Arkhivna ukrainika v Kanadi: dovidnyk (Archival Ucrainica in Canada: A Guide).More information found in CIUS Press Release 8 July 2010Audio begins at…

CIUS interview audio.Mykola Soroka interviews Demitrius Todosijczuk.

CIUS seminar audio.In this recording Iryna Matiash from the Ukrainian Archives and Documentation Research Institute in Kyiv speaks on the topic: “Ukrainian Archival Studies since Independence: Gains and Losses”Found in CIUS Newsletter 2007

CIUS interview audio.Roman Shiyan interviews Mykola Sukhaversky about his biography and the Soviet occupation of Bukovyna in 1940.

Marko Levitsky interviews Marusia Petryshyn about the state of CIUS.

CIUS audio interview (3 parts).In this recording Bohdan Klid interviews Mykola Sukhaversky about his life experience and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).

CIUS seminar audio. Ihor Zhuk from the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine presents on “The Leopolis Project: An Electronic Archive of the Art of Ukraine” Found in CIUS Newsletter 2007

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.Stanley Frolick presented a second seminar on November 13 entitled, "Saving the Displaced Persons: The Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau," in which he described the activities of the Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.On November 6, 1978, the CIUS seminar heard the unique reminiscences of Stanley Frolick, a well-known leader in Toronto's Ukrainian community. As a young Ukrainian Canadian, Frolick spent nine years, from 11 to 20…
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