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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 25 Issue 1–2

This special issue honours Jaroslav Rozumnyj. The theme, "Creating a Modern Ukrainian Cultural Space," brings together essays from a number of disciplines and perspectives that reflect his particular interests in cultural developments, both in Ukraine and in the diaspora communities.*A Note to Our Readers After this issue had already been printed, it was brought to my attention that the book reviewed on pp. 209-13, V. P. Kotsur and A. P. Kotsur’ s Istoriohrafiia istorii Ukrainy: Kurs lektsii, had been castigated as a major example of plagiarism in Ukrainian scholarship. For details, please see Volodymyr Rychka, “Za kym b’iut 'Lytavry,’” Ukrainskyi humanitarnyi ohliad (Kyiv), issue 4 (2000): 138-42. Borys Biletsky and Pavlo Mykhailyna’s review article is their personal assessment of the book in question, and in no way should it be considered as reflecting the position of the Journal of Ukrainian Studies or the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. Roman Senkus, Editor

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