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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 25 Issue 1–2

This special issue honours Jaroslav Rozumnyj. The theme, "Creating a Modern Ukrainian Cultural Space," brings together essays from a number of disciplines and perspectives that reflect his particular interests in cultural developments, both in Ukraine and in the diaspora communities.*A Note to Our Readers After this issue had already been printed, it was brought to my attention that the book reviewed on pp. 209-13, V. P. Kotsur and A. P. Kotsur’ s Istoriohrafiia istorii Ukrainy: Kurs lektsii, had been castigated as a major example of plagiarism in Ukrainian scholarship. For details, please see Volodymyr Rychka, “Za kym b’iut 'Lytavry,’” Ukrainskyi humanitarnyi ohliad (Kyiv), issue 4 (2000): 138-42. Borys Biletsky and Pavlo Mykhailyna’s review article is their personal assessment of the book in question, and in no way should it be considered as reflecting the position of the Journal of Ukrainian Studies or the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. Roman Senkus, Editor ARTICLES Introduction / 1 Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj: Rape in Shevchenko’s Trizna: Textual Fact or Theoretical Fiction? / 3 Roman Weretelnyk: On Varvara Repnina’ s Devochka / 19 Maxim Tarnawsky: Mykola Ievshan: Modernist Critic? / 33 Vira Aheieva: Mykola Khvylovy and Expressionism / 45 Myroslav Shkandrij: The Rape of Civilization: Recurrent Structure in Myroslav Irchan’ s Prose / 61 Nelli Prystalenko: Ielyzaveta Piskorska: A Rediscovered “Boichukist” / 73 Robert Karpiak: Demythifying a Universal Hero: Spyrydon Cherkasenko’s Vision of Don Juan / 91 Marko Pavlyshyn: The Soviet Ukrainian Whimsical Novel / 103 Walter Smyrniw: The Function of Time in Lina Kostenko’ s Dramatic Works / 121 Halyna Koscharsky: The Poetry of Kostiantyn Moskalets, Natalka Bilotserkivets, and Viktor Kordun / 131 Larissa M. L. Zaleska-Onyshkevych: Tradition and Innovation in Twentieth-Century Ukrainian Verse Drama / 139 Oleh W. Gerus: The Christian Experience in the Soviet Empire: Church-State Relations in Eastern Europe, 1917-1991 / 159 Nevenka Koscevic: Jaroslav Rozumnyj: A Bibliography / 181 REVIEW ARTICLE Natalia Shostak: A Pioneering Oral History of Collectivization / 195 Taras Kuzio: Nation Building in Ukraine and the Former USSR / 200 Borys Biletsky and Pavlo Mykhailyna: The First Ukrainian Historiography Textbook in Independent Ukraine / 209 Vsevolod Naulko: A Fundamental Work on the Ethnography of Bukovyna / 214 Andrij Hornjatkevyč: What or Who Is Really a Threat to the Ukrainian Language / 219 BOOKS REVIEW A. B. Pernal: Leontii Voitovych et al., eds. Dokumenty Rosiiskykh Arkhiviv z Istorii Ukrainy, vol. 1, Dokumenty do Istorii Zaporozkoho Kozatstva 1613-1620 rr. / 231 Paul Robert Magocsi: John-Paul Himka. Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1867-1900 / 232 Henry Abramson: Israel Kleiner. From Nationalism to Universalism: Vladimir (Zeiev) Jabotinsky and the Ukrainian Question / 235 William Noll: Natalie Kononenko. Ukrainian Minstrels: And the Blind Shall Sing / 237 Peter J. Potichnyj: Grzegorz Motyka. Tak było w Bieszczadach: Walki Polsko-Ukraińskie, 1943-1948 / 240 Robert Kravchuk: Bohdan Nahaylo. The Ukrainian Resurgence / 242Bohdan Harasymiw: Taras Kuzio. Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence, 2d ed. / 244 Victor Chudowsky: Paul D’Anieri, Robert Kravchuk, and Taras Kuzio. Politics and Society in Ukraine / 246Robert S. Kravchuk: Theofil Kis, Irena Makaryk, and Roman Weretelnyk, eds. Towards a New Ukraine, vol. 1, Ukraine and the New World Order, 1991-1996 / 248Nancy Popson: Taras Kuzio, Robert Kravchuk, and Paul D’Anieri, eds. State and Institution Building in Ukraine / 250 Marta Dyczok: Elizabeth Pond. The Rebirth of Europe / 251 Christine D. Worobec: Mary Buckley, ed. Post-Soviet Women: From the Baltic to Central Asia / 254Myroslav Shkandrij: Vira Aheieva. Poetesa Zlamu Stolit': Tvorchist Lesi Ukrainky v Postmodernii Interpretatsii / 256Bogdan Horbal: Natalyia Dudash, comp. Rusynsky/Ruski Pisni / 257 Myroslav Shkandrij: Ivan Salo. Tvory, vol. 1 / 259John-Paul Himka: Stanisław Stępień. Ukrainoznawstwo: Materiały do Bibliografii. Publikacje Wydane na Ukrainie w Latach 1996-1998 / 261Alexander Kratochvil: Svitlana Pyrkalo. Peršy Slovnyk Ukrajins'koho Molodižnoho Slenhu / 261 Jaroslaw Zurowsky: Ivan Kemytsky. Weekdays and Sunday / 263 BOOKS RECEIVED / 265

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