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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 18 Issue 1–2

This issues features a personal memoir of the establishment of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta, articles on Ukrainian historiography; deportation, incarceration and forced resettlement of Ukrainians in the Soviet Period; a brief biography of Oleksander Shumsky; articles on the Ukrainian people in the beginning of the twentieth century; Tyt Myskovsky; the Workers' and National-Democratic Movements in contemporary Ukraine; the Andiievska Chronicle; and a productive deverbal derivation in modern Ukrainian. The issue also features reviews of Ihor Kalynets' poetry as well as Andrej Kepinski's "Lach i Moskal."ARTICLES Manoly R. Lupul: The Establishment of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta: A Personal Memoir / 1 Orest Subtelny: The Current State of Ukrainian Historiography / 33 Ihor Vynnychenko: The Deportation, Incarceration, and Forced Resettlement of Ukrainians in the Soviet Period / 55 lurii Shapoval: Oleksander Shumsky: His Last Thirteen Years / 69 Andreas Kappeler: A "Small People" of Twenty-five Million: The Ukrainians circa 1900 / 85 Peter Galadza: Tyt Myshkovsky: The Esteemed Russophile of the Lviv Greco-Catholic Theological Academy / 93 Anatolii Rusnachenko: The Workers' and National-Democratic Movements in Contemporary Ukraine / 123Danylo Husar Struk: A Novel about Human Destiny, or the Andiievska Chronicle / 151 Victor Lychyk: Productive Deverbal Derivation in Modern Ukrainian / 161 REVIEW ARTICLES Marko Pavlyshyn: Anatomizing Melancholy: The Poetry of Ihor Kalynets' / 185 Frank E. Sysyn: "There is no Rus', there is only Poland and Muscovy": The Muddying of Stereotypes in Andrzej Kępiński's Lach i Moskal / 217 BOOK REVIEWS Myroslav Shkandrij: Danylo Husar Struk, editor in chief, Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Volumes 3-5 / 225 Thomas M. Prymak: Michael F. Hamm, Kiev: A Portrait, 1800-1917 / 229 Mark von Hagen: Andreas Kappeler, Russland als Vielvolkerreich: Entstehimg, Geschichte, Zerfall;Gerhard Simon, Nationalism and Policy toward the Nationalities in the Soviet Union: From Totalitarian Dictatorship to Post-Stalinist Society / 232 Martin Dimnik: Sophia Senyk.  A History of the Church in Ukraine. Vol. 1. To the End of the Thirteenth Century / 240 Peter A. Rolland: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff, ed. Ricerche Slavistiche. Vol. 37. La percezione del Medioevo nell'epoca del Barocco: Polonia, Ucraina, Russia; Atti del Congresso tenutosi a Urbino 3-8 luglio 1989 / 243Bohdan Klid: George S. N. Luckyj. Young Ukraine: The Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius, 1845-1847 / 247 John-Paul Himka: István Deák. Beyond Nationalism: A Social and Political History of the Habsburg Officer Corps, 1848-1918 / 248 Stephen Velychenko: Daniel Beauvois, La bataille de la terre en Ukraine, 1863-1914: Les Polonais et les conflits socio-ethniques / 251 Maya Johnson: Romana Bahrii [Bahry]. Shliakh Sera Val'tera Skotta na Ukrajinu (Taras Bul'ba M. Hoholia i Chorna Rada P. Kulisha v Svitvi Istirychnoji Romanistyky Val'tera Skotta) / 253 Oleh Ilnytzkyj: Mikulash Nevrlyi, Ukrainska Radianska Poeziia 20-kh rokiv: Mikroportrety v Khudozhnikh Styliakh i Napriamakh / 256 John S. Reshetar, Jr.: V. M. Danylenko, H. V. Kasianov, and S. V. Kulchytsky. Stalinizm na Ukraini: 20-30-ti roky / 258 Jaroslaw Bilocerkowycz: Roman Solchanyk, ed. Ukraine: From Chernobyl' to Sovereignty: A Collection of Interviews / 261 Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak: Frances Swyripa. Wedded to the Cause: Ukrainian-Canadian Women and Ethnic Identity, 1891-1991 / 264 Andrii Krawchuk: Zonia Keywan. A Turbulent Life: Biography of Josaphat Jean, O.S.B.M (1885-1972) / 267 L'ubica Babotová: Keith P. Dyrud. The Quest for the Rusyn Soul: The Politics of Religion and Culture in Eastern Europe and in America, 1890-World War I / 271Marta Dyczok: Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Yury Boshyk, and Roman Senkus, eds. The Refugee Experience: Ukrainian Displaced Persons after World War II / 273Henry Abramson: John D. Klier and Shlomo Lambroza. Pogroms: Anti-Jewish Violence in Modern Russian History / 275 Bohdan Y. Nebesio: J. Hoberman. Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film between Two Worlds / 277Christine D. Worobec: Shirin Rai, Hilary Pilkington, and Annie Phizacklea, eds. Women in the Face of Change: The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China / 278 Serge Cipko: A Select Index to Svoboda: Official Publication of the Ukrainian National Association, Inc., a Fraternal Association, Volumes 1-3 / 280 John-Paul Himka: Manfred Alexander, Frank Kampfer and Andreas Kappeler, eds. Kleine Volker in der Geschichte Osteuropas: Festschrift fur Gunther Stokl zum 75. Geburtstag / 282 BOOKS RECEIVED / 285

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