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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 12 Issue 2

This issue features an essay on the historical poetics of Lina Kostenko, a piece on the Polish Opposition and the Ukrainian question, an analysis of the economic perspectives of Konstantyn Voblyi before 1917, an article on the current status of the Ukcrainica Collections and Bibliography in North America, and an essay on Ukrainian and thematically Ukrainian periodical publications in China.ARTICLESVolodymyr Smyrniv: Istorychna Poetyka Liny Kostenko ...3Taras Kuzio: The Polish Opposition and the Ukrainian Question ...26 I.S. Koropets'kyi: Ekonomichni Pohliady Kostiantyna Vobloho pered 1917 r. ...59 Paul Robert Magocsi: Ucrainica Collections and Bibliography in North America: Their Current Status ...77 Oleksander Malyts'kyi: Ukrainski i Temachno Ukrainski Periodychni Vydannia v Kytai ...92 REVIEW ARTICLE Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj: Futurism in Ukrainian Art: A New Study ...95 BOOK REVIEW Stephen Velychenko: Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Special Issue: The Kiev Mohyla Academy; T. Chynczewska-Hennel, Świadomość Narodowa Szlachty Ukraińskiej i Kozaczyzny od Schyłku XVI do Połowy XVII w. ...105 David Marples: John L. Scherer, ed. USSR: Facts and Figures Annual ...108 Andrij Hornjatkevyč: Joan L. Roccasalvo, The Plainchant Tradition of Southwestern Rus’ ...109 Valentyn Moroz: N. K. Havryliuk, Kartografirovanie Iavlenii Dukhovnoi Kul'tury Ukraintsev ...112

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