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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 7 Issue 2

This issue features an essay on Serhii Podolynsky's defense of an independent Ukrainian movement and a translation of his correspondence with Valerian Smirnov, a public letter to the Ukrainian intelligentsia, an analysis of the worker in early Soviet Ukrainian prose, an essay on the Canadian Methodist Church and assimilation, and a discussion on the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.ARTICLES Roman Serbyn: In Defense of an Independent Ukrainian Socialist Movement: Three Letters to Valerian Smirnov ...3 Panteleimon Kulish: Zazyvny Lyst do Ukrains'koi Inteligentsii ...33 Myroslav Shkandrij: Fiction by Formula: The Worker in Early Soviet Ukrainian Prose ...47 Vivian Olender: The Canadian Methodist Church and the Gospel of Assimilation, 1900–1925 ...61 Myroslav Prokop and Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytsky: Discussion about the OUN ...75 BOOK REVIEWS Alexander Baran: George Gajecky. The Cossack Administration of the Hetmanate ...87 Theodore Mackiw: Orest Subtelny. The Mazepists ...88 Myroslava M. Mudrak: Fan Parker and Stephen Jan Parker. Russia on Canvas: Ilya Repin ...91 John-Paul Himka: Fylymon Tarnavsky. Spohady ...94 Konstantin Huytan: Richard Pipes. Struve: Liberal on the Right ...97 Melanie Pytlowany-Kordiuk: Hryhorii Kostiuk. Volodymyr Vynnychenko ta Ioho Doba ...99 George S.N. Luckyj: George Grabowicz. The Poet as Mythmaker: A Study of Symbolic Meaning in Taras Ševčenko ...100 James E. Mace: Myroslav Prokop. Ukraina i Ukrainska Polityka Moskvy ...102 Maxim Tarnawsky: Ostap Vyshnia. Hard Times ...103George Perfecky: Slovnyk Ukrajins'koji Movy ...106George Perfecky: Slovnyk Staroukrjins'koji Movy XIV-XV st. ...110 Mykola Pavliuk: Borys Antonenko-Davydovych. Iak My Hovorymo ...113 Nadia Skop: William Darcovich and Paul Yuzyk eds. A Statistical Compendium on the Ukrainians in Canada ...117 Frances Swyripa: Aleksandr Sokolyszyn and Vladimir Wertsmen eds. Ukrainians in Canada and the United States ...120 Russel P. Moroziuk: Bohdan Procko. Ukrainian Catholics in America ...122 BOOKS RECEIVED ...124

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