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On May 3, 2018 Serhy Yekelchyk (Professor of History and Slavic Studies University of Victoria) gave the 19th Danylo Husar Struk Memorial Lecture on the topic: "The Last Debate with Stalin: Ukrainian Writers in Moscow, 1929"

CIUS seminar audio.On December 5, 2013, Jelena Pogosjan (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, U of A) gave a seminar on the topic: “Ivan Zarudny and the Production of Religious Culture in Russia under Peter I.”Found in CIUS Newsletter…

CIUS seminar audio. The great Ukrainian-Kuban famine of 1932–33—the Holodomor—was one of the determinative events of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, it was largely ignored by scholars until the last few years of the existence of the Soviet…

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