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Journal of Ukrainian Graduate Studies Vol 2 Issue 2

This issue features an examination of the contemporary sources for Mykola Kulish's "Narodnii Malakhii"; a translation of Emma Andijewska's "The Journey;" a reapprasial of Ivan Dziuba's treatment of Leninist nationalities policy as well as an essay questioning his capitulation; an interview with Mykola Pavliuk; a piece on russification; an essay observing Ukrainian Canadians, multiculturalism, and separatism; an essay on Ukrainian Soviet art; and a reflection on Ukrainian Studies at Harvard University.ARTICLES Virlana Tkacz: The Golden Dissonance; Pavlo Tychyna’s Poetic Imagery in Mykola Kulish’s Narodnyi Malakhii ...3Emma Andijewska: The Journey (trans. by Marta D. Olynyk) ...18 Bohdan P. Nahaylo: Dziuba’s Internationalism or Russification? Revisited: A Reappraisal of Dziuba’s Treatment of Leninist Nationalities Policy ...31 Mykhajlo Savaryn: Why Capitulate?: Ivan Dziuba’s Trauma ...54 Mykhajlo Savaryn: Kul'turno-hromads'ke ta Naukove Zhyttia Ukraiintsiv v Rumunii: Interv'iu z Mykoloiu Pavliukom ...62 Vsevolod Houbnychy: Tezy pro Rusyfikatsiiu ...72 Jaroslav Petryshyn: Ukrainian Canadians, Multiculturalism, and Separatism: Some Observations ...81 John-Paul Himka: Ukrainian Art in the Soviet Union: Makarenko and Humeniuk ...89 Edward Kasinec: Documentation for Ukrainian Studies: Reflections on the Background, Problems, and Perspectives of the Harvard Experience ...91 GUIDES TO RESEARCH Nadia Kazymyra: Primary Sources to Immigration and Settlement at the Public Archives of Canada ...104 Stepan Velychenko: A Note on Missing and Unexploited Archival Sources Relating to the Early Modern Period of Ukrainian History ...120 REVIEW Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj: Bohdan Antonych, Square of Angels ...125 OBITUARY Dolly M. Ferguson: Dmytro Ivanovych Chyzhevsky ...131 LETTERS ...134 BOOKS RECEIVED ...136

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