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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 30 Issue 1

This issue features a drama by Hryhorii Skovoroda, an article on political identity in the Kherson Oblast, and notes towards an intellectual biography of Dmytro Chyzhevsky.ARTICLESHryhorii Skovoroda: A Conversation among Five Travellers Concerning Life’ s True Happiness / 1 Oleksandr Melnyk: Political Identity under Invasion: The Kherson Oblast in Summer 1941 / 47 Iryna Valyavko: Notes towards an Intellectual Biography of Dmytro Chyzhevsky / 75 REVIEW ARTICLESStephen Velychenko: 1654 and All That in 2004 / 97 BOOK REVIEWS Andrii Danylenko: Mykola Pavliuk and Ivan Robchuk. Ukrainski Hovory Rumunii: Diialektni Teksty / 123 Andrew Sorokowski: Zhanna Kovba, comp. Mytropolyt Andrei Sheptytsky: Dokumenty i Materialy 1941-1944 / 129Martha B. Trofimenko: Volodymyr Kuznietsov. Filosofiia Prava: Istoriia ta Suchasnist (Navchalnyi Posibnyk) / 133 Marko Horbatsch: Adriana Petryna. Life Exposed: Biological Citizens after Chernobyl / 136Serhy Yekelchyk: Shimon Redlich. Together and Apart in Brzezany: Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians, 1919-1945 / 139 Bohdan Harasymiw: James O. Finckenauer and Jennifer L. Schrock, eds. The Prediction and Control of Organized Crime: The Experience of Post-Soviet Ukraine'; David Mandel, Labour After Communism: Auto Workers and Their Unions in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus / 141 Andrew B. Pernal: Mykhailo Hrushevsky. History of Ukraine-Rus'. Volume 8. The Cossack Age,1626-1650 / 143 Heather J. Coleman: John R. Staples. Cross-Cultural Encounters on the Ukrainian Steppe: Settling the Molochna Basin, 1783-1861 / 146 Adrian O. Mandzy: Glenn R. Mack and Joseph Coleman Carter, eds. Crimean Chersonesos: City, Chora, Museum, and Environs / 148 BOOKS RECEIVED / 151

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