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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 7 Issue 1

This issue features an essay on the tragedy of Canada's white ethnics, a piece on feminism in Ukrainian history, Alexander Herzen's analysis of Poland and Ukraine and an examination of his theories, a piece on Lev Iurkevych, and an essay on the Russian Social Democrats and the national question.ARTICLES Manoly R. Lupul: The Tragedy of Canada's White Ethnics: A Constitutional Post-Mortem ...3 Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak: Feminism in Ukrainian History ...16 Thomas M. Prymak: Herzen on Poland and Ukraine ...31 Alexander Herzen: Russia and Poland ...41 Myroslav Yurkevych: A Forerunner of National Communism: Lev Iurkevych (1855-1918) ...50 Lev Rybalka [Lev Iurkevych]: The Russian Social Democrats and the National Question ...57 GUIDE TO RESEARCH Lubomyr Luciuk and Zenowij Zwarycz: The G.R.B. Panchuk Collection ...79 BOOK REVIEWS J. Marko Bojcun: The McMaster Conference Ukraine and Russia in Their Historical Encounter ...82 Victor Swoboda: Sylvestr Iarychevsky, Tvory ...84 Borys Shneider: Nad Druhym Tomom Khvyl'ovoho (Sproba Lirychnoi Retsenzii): Mykola Khvylovy: Tvory v P'iatiokh Tomakh, T. 2 ...90 Orest Subtelny: Walter McKenzie Pintner and Don Karl Rowney, eds., Russian Officialdom ...95 J.V. Koshiw: Christian Rakovsky: Selected Writings on Opposition in the USSR 1923-30 ...96 Roman Solchanyk: Mythology and Soviet Nationalities Policy: Kennith C. Farmer. Ukrainian Nationalism in the Post-Stalin Era ...100 Mykola Mushynka: Ivan Vanat. Narysy Novitn'oi Istorii Ukraintsiv Skhidnoi Slovachchyny. Kn.I (1918-1938) ...104 Ihor Stebelsky: Atanas M. Milianych et al eds. Ukrainski poselennia: Dovidnyk ...108 J. Petryshyn: Lubomyr Y. Luciuk, Ukrainians in the Making: Their Kingston Story ...112 Thomas M. Prymak: I. Sevcenko and F. Sysyn, eds. Eucharisterion: Essays Presented to Omeljan Pritsak on His Sixtieth Birthday ...114 Danylo Husar Struk: Pavlo Romaniuk. Neporochnist' Movchannia ...118 Myroslav Yurkevych: Lubomyr Wynar, Yevhen Onatsky ...120 LETTERS ...121 BOOKS RECEIVED ...124

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