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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 31 Issue 1–2

This issue features various aspects on Ukrainian immigration in both Canada and the United States, a recaptitulation of Stalin's rule in Soviet Ukraine, the nationalization of Ukrainian identities in Belgium, a biography on Iosyp Stadnyk and a literary analysis of Inokentii Gizel's "Peace with God for Man."ARTICLES Vic Satzewich, Wsevolod W. Isajiw, and Eugene Duvalko: Social Networks and the Occupational Settlement Experiences of Recent Immigrants from Ukraine in Toronto / 1Oleh Wolowyna: Recent Immigration from Ukraine to the United States: Levels and Characteristics / 27Yuri Shapoval: Stalin and His Legacy through the Lens of Time / 65 Machteld Venken and Idesbald Goddeeris: The Nationalization of Identities: Ukrainians in Belgium, 1920-1950 / 89Svitlana Maksymenko: Iosyp Stadnyk, Director and Actor of the Ukrainian Theatre of the City of Lviv in 1941-1942 / 117 Larysa Dovha: To Act or To Doubt: The Doctrine of Conscience in Inokentii Gizel’ s Peace with God for Man / 135 REVIEW ARTICLES George O. Liber: Reassessing Dovzhenko’ s Black Holes / 149Serge Cipko: Migration from and to Ukraine at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century / 173 Valerii Polkovsky: A New Explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language / 191Thomas M. Prymak: Lubomyr Wynar and the Ukrainian Historical Association / 205 BOOK REVIEWSUlyana Melnykova: Myroslav Shkandrij, ed. The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Avant-Garde 1910-1935: Catalogue for an Exhibition Organized and Circulated by the Winnipeg Art Gallery / Le Phénomène de L'avant-garde Ukrainienne 1910-1935: Catalogue de L'exposition Itinérante Organisée par le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Winnipeg / Fenomen Ukrainskoho Avanhardu 1910-1935: Kataloh Vystavky, Orhanizovanoi Vinnipezkoiu Kartynnoiu Halereieiu / 217Ettore Cinnella: Gabriele de Rosa and Francesca Lomastro, eds. L'età di Kiev e la Sua Eredità Nell'incontro con L' Occidente / 225 Peter Galadza: Serhii Plohky and Frank E. Sysyn. Religion and Nation in Modern Ukraine / 230Lisa Grekul: Myrna Kostash. All of Baba ’s Great Grandchildren: Ethnic Identity in the Next Canada;Janice Kulyk Keefer, Dark Ghost in the Corner: Imagining Ukrainian-Canadian Identity / 234 Serhy Yekelchyk: Kate Brown. A Biography of No Place: From Ethnic Borderland to Soviet Heartland / 238 John-Paul Himka: Mariia Helytovych. Ukrainski Ikony “Spas u Slavi” / 240 Nicolae Pavliuc: Natalia Khobzei. Hutsulska Mifolohiia: Etnolinhvistychnyi Slovnyk / 242 BOOKS RECEIVED / 245

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