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Indeks ukraïnsʹkoï katolyt͡sʹkoï periodyky Halychyny : 1871-1942INDEX to the Creco-Catholic Реrіоdісаl Literature of Ukraine, 1871-1942
The present index is an attempt to contribute to the renewal of religious scholarship in Ukraine. With more than 8,000 entries and cross-references, it presents the collective output of nineteen Ukrainian Greco-Catholic journals and almanachs over a…
Subject: Religion and Culture Program Author: Andrii Krawchuk Tags: ,

Published posthumously, this beautiful collection of more than 130 Ukrainian folk songs, including tablatures and lyrics, is intended for bandurists, musicians, and lovers of Ukrainian music in general. See kobza and bandura in the Enclopedia of…
Subject: Folk Author: Shtokalko Zynovii Hornjatkevyč Andrij Tags: , , , ,

Kobzarskyi Pidruchnyk
This book is both a theoretical and a practical volume for the bandurist's library. Various chapters address exercises (e.g. left-hand, right-hand, both hands), playing techniques, etc. Dozens of songs, tablatures, lyrics, and detailed information…
Subject: Folk Author: Shtokalko Zynovii Hornjatkevyč Andrij Tags: , , ,

Pershyĭ Vseukraïnsʹkyĭ pravoslavnyĭ t͡serkovnyĭ sobor UAPT͡S, 14-30 z͡hovtni͡a 1921 roku : dokumenty i materialy
The publication of the proceedings of the first Council of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which was held in Kyiv in October 1921, contains the previously unpublished proceedings of the ecclesiastical council that laid the foundations…
Subject: Church in Ukraine Author: Plokhy S. Sokhan P. Yakovlyeva L. Tags: ,

Tkanyna : an exhibit of Ukrainian weaving = Tkanyna: vystavka ukraı̈nsʹkoho tkat͡stva
This is beautiful title contains a parallel bilingual English-Ukrainian text and includes colour photographs of Ukrainian textiles and weaving artifacts displayed at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village near Edmonton in 1988.

Co-published with…
Subject: Art Author: Bilash Radomir Borislaw Wilberg Barbara Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society Tags: , , , ,

Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective
The book Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective is a rich and stimulating collection of twenty-three papers from the 1983 conference on Ukrainian-Jewish relations held at McMaster University, Canada. The essays in this unique volume…
Subject: Jews in Ukraine Author: Aster Howard Potichnyj Peter J Tags: , , , ,

Famine in Ukraine 1932-1933
The Soviet Man-made famine of 1932–3 in Ukraine claimed the lives of millions of people, yet until recently it has remained veiled in obscurity. This pioneering volume, which appeared before the publication of Robert Conquest's Harvest of Sorrow…
Subject: Holodomor (Famine in Ukraine) Author: Serbyn Roman Krawchenko Bohdan Tags: , , ,

Essays in Modern Ukrainian History
A collection of twenty-three essays by Ivan L. Rudnytsky, a leading historian of modern Ukraine noted for his original interpretation of key issues in modern Ukrainian history.

Essay titles include:

The Role of Ukraine in Modern History
Subject: History Author: Rudnytsky Ivan L. (Ivan Lysiak) Tags: ,

Ukrainians of the Eastern Diaspora : an Atlas
The atlas Ukrainians of the Eastern Diaspora is the first such publication concerning Ukrainians living outside their ethnic territory and scattered throughout the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union during the course of the last century. The Soviet…
Subject: Diaspora Author: VSEVOLOD NAULKO IHOR VYNNYCHENKO ROSTYSLAV SOSSA Ttranslated by Serge Cipko and Myroslav Yurkevich Tags: ,

Morality and Reality: the Life and Times of Andrei Sheptytsḱyi
Andrei Sheptyts'kyi (1865–1944), metropolitan-archbishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Galicia, was a towering figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian life. This collection of twenty-one essays examines Metropolitan Sheptyts'kyi as church hierarch,…
Subject: Religion Author: Edited by Magocsi Paul R Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Tags: ,

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