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Ukraine: From Chernobyl' to Sovereignity: A Collection of Interviews

Subject: Modern Ukraine
Description: This collection of fifteen stimulating interviews with well-known figures and academics is relevant. It includes discussions with Adam Michnik, Vitalii Karpenko, Pavlo Movchan, Mykola Riabchuk, Yurii Pokalchuk, Ivan Drach, Anatolii Pohribnyi, Stanislav Kulchytskyi, Rostyslav Bratun, Roman Szporluk, Valerii Tishkov, Dmytro Pavlychko, Aleksandr Tsipko, Yurii Risovannyi, Stanislav Hurenko and Oleksandr Burakovskyi who discuss Ukraine's central political concerns as it emerged from Soviet rule after 1991. Subjects include: The Democratization Process in Ukraine Filling in the Blank Spots in Ukrainian History The Beginnings of Rukh Western Ukraine Ukrainian-Jewish Relations Chernobyl Ukraine and Poland Language Culture, and the Search for a Ukrainian Hero Ukrainian Politics Interviewers include Roman Solchanyk, David Marples, and Chrystia Freeland. This title also includes a foreword by the noted historian Norman Stone and a helpful name index. See Ukrainians in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine.
Source: CIUS
Publisher: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press
Date: 1992
Language: English

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Roman Solchanyk, “Ukraine: From Chernobyl' to Sovereignity: A Collection of Interviews,” CIUS-Archives, accessed February 22, 2019,
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