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This was an active year for public lectures organized by the Program on Religion and Culture. The annual Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture was held on 19 September 2013 as a small symposium on the topic, “Commemorating the Christianization of Kyivan…

CIUS interview audio (3 Parts).Interview with Ilya Semchyshyn about Ukraine. Born in Bosnia on August 2, 1951. His predecessors were born in Galicia. Mr. Semchyshyn witnessed the Bosnian war.

CIUS seminar audio. On April 9, 2013, Taras Lupul (Department of International Relations, Yurii Fedkovych National University) gave a seminar about the fourth wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada.

CIUS seminar audio.On April 4, 2013, Roman Shiyan (CIUS, U of A) gave a seminar on the topic: “The ‘Succession Issue at the Time of Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s Death and the ‘Ruin’ in Cossack Ukraine”Found in CIUS Newsletter 2013

CIUS lecture audio.Co-organized by CIUS and the Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Edmonton, the forty-seventh Shevchenko lecture at the University of Alberta was given by Kateryna Levchenko, who spoke on “Indifference to the Violation of…

CIUS seminar audio. On February 29, 2013, Natalia Kovaliova (MLCS, U of A), gave a seminar on the topic: “The Representation of Madness and Stalinism in Ukrainian Literature”Found in CIUS Newsletter 2013

CIUS seminar audio. On February 8, 2013, Barbara Sapergia (author, Saskatoon), gave a seminar on the topic: “Researching Blood and Salt: A Novel about the WWI Internment of Enemy Aliens in Canada”Found in CIUS Newsletter 2013

CIUS seminar audio. On January 31, 2013, Ignacy Jozwiak (Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies, U of A), gave a seminar on the topic: “The Centre and Its Neighbours: Transcarpathia in the Context of European Integration and…

Mykola Soroka interviews Chrysant Dmytruk about his life.

Bohdan Medwidsky is interviewed about his life and how he arrived in Canada.

CIUS seminar audio.On May 17-18, 2012, Michael Moser, candidate for the director of CIUS, spoke on his view of CIUS and its place in the University and wider communities.Found in CIUS press release

CIUS interview audio.Jars Balan interviews an unidentified individual from the town "Moysensin" in the Poltava region.

Each year, the Program on Religion and Culture.hosts the Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture. This year’s lecture, held on 6 December 2012, was given by Marco Carynnyk, who spoke on the topic, “Ministers of Righteousness? Greek Catholic Clergymen and…

CIUS seminar audio.On May 17-18, 2012, Vitaly Chernetsky (Associate Professor, Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages; Director, Film Studies Program, Miami University, Ohio) gave a speech as candidate for director of CIUS. He spoke…

CIUS seminar audio. Volodymyr Kravchenko begins with introductions. Michael Bociurkiw begins at 10:50. Bohdan Klid speaks at 21:20. Mykola Soroka speaks at 29:45. Halyna Klid begins at 41:35. Commentary and questions at 54:30.

CIUS seminar audio.On December 4, 2012, CIUS hosted a book launch for "Unbridled Dissonance: The Second World War and Socio-Political Attitudes in Ukraine, 1939-1941". The author, Vladyslav Hrynevych (Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies,…

CIUS seminar audio.On October 12, 2012 CIUS hosted a round table on the topic: “The Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine and ‘The Cat’: Politics Meets Folklore” (cosponsored by the Kule Chair in Ukrainian Ethnography).Presenters included Bohdan…

CIUS seminar audio (7 Parts)On November 21, 2012, CIUS hosted a round table on the topic: “Famine in Ukraine, 1928-1933” (co-sponsored by the Department of History and Classics, U of A).Presenters included: Stanislav Kulchytsky (Institute of…

CIUS seminar audio. In this recording Ruslan Zabily gives a seminar about the status of archives, museums, and academic freedom in Ukraine.

CIUS book launch audio.On April 3, 2012, Serge Cipko spoke at the book launch for "Ukrainians in Argentina, 1897-1950: The Making of a Community" (co-sponsored by the Department of History and Classics)Found in CIUS Newsletter 2012
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