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Nine essays reexamine major aspects of Ukrainian history including Kyivan Rus', the Ukrainian nobility and elites, Cossack Ukraine and the Turco-Islamic World, the growth and development of Ukrainian cities, the evolution of the Ukrainian literary…

This unique collection of nineteen essays is the product of a conference held in July 1988 at the University of London, UK. By addressing a diverse number of religious issues in both historical and contemporary contexts, the authors seek to "correct…

CIUS conference audio (Part 1 of 16)John-Paul Himka opens the conference by outlining the goal of making sure that Ukrainian sacred culture on the prairies is well documented for future scholars and for future generations.Transcription found in this…

CIUS conference audio part 4/5.On November 24, 2011, Serge Cipko (CIUS) gives brief commentary and impressions in review of the presentations given. Found in CIUS Newsletter 2012

CIUS conference audio part 1/5.On November 24, 2011, John-Paul Himka (Department of History and Classics; CIUS) gave a presentation on the topic: “Recent Literature on the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33: The Problem of Sacralization”Found in CIUS…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The tenth Institute seminar of the 1978-79 academic year at the University of Alberta took place on March 6, 1979. Dr. John-Paul Himka, research associate at the Institute and visiting assistant professor in the…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The final Institute seminar of the current academic year at the University of Alberta took place on March 30, 1978. Dr. J.-P. Himka spoke on "Ukrainian Politics in Galicia, 1860-78." Ukrainians in the crownland of…

This first case study of how the East European peasantry was drawn into national politics focuses on the Ukrainians of Galicia (1772–1914). On the basis of first-hand testimony by peasants and rural notables, it demonstrates that the peasants'…

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