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Part 10: Technical and Photographic Aspects


CIUS conference audio (Part 10 of 16)

Outline of presentation:

Google Maps: Byzantine Rite Churches in Alberta. We can use a GPS unit to get exact coordinates. Google Maps gives directions. Roughly 92 GC churches, 74 Ukrainian Orthodox, 24 OCA, 22 Russian Orthodox in Alberta. You can zoom in on Google Maps.
Now most signs give English-only names. This poses some problems.
Likes to shoot in natural light. He has them shut off all artificial light.
He uses 2 dpi for the web. He shoots in RAW format. He does huge pictures – they could be poster size. Storage is now cheap, about a dollar a gig.
High resolution aerial photographs of UCHV, with churches marked by Google Map.
Importance of good documentation.
Spasa Moskalyk, parish founded 1902, church 1924. In bad condition. Wonderful acoustics (someone was playing tsymbaly when he visited). Only the bell tower has been repaired.
Weather and lighting: the working season is April-September. Manual setting. High resolution (300+ dpi). Variety of lenses.
Limited knowledge of local history, no information in the public domain, disappearance of Ukrainian language. Absence of Ukrainian culture (esp. vyshyvani rushnyky).
Single repository that can be accessed from everywhere in the world. Model of information structure. Structure attributes. Architecture model “web cloud.” E-document storage, databases, website, administrative budget.
Benefits – documentation.

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Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: January 26, 2008
Contributor: Bohdan Hrynyshyn
Language: English
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