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This was an active year for public lectures organized by the Program on Religion and Culture. The annual Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture was held on 19 September 2013 as a small symposium on the topic, “Commemorating the Christianization of Kyivan…

Each year, the Program on Religion and Culture.hosts the Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture. This year’s lecture, held on 6 December 2012, was given by Marco Carynnyk, who spoke on the topic, “Ministers of Righteousness? Greek Catholic Clergymen and…

CIUS seminar audio. On November 23, 2007, Rev. Borys Gudziak of Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, gave the annual Bohdan Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture on the topic: “The Mechanics of Building the First Catholic University on the Territory of the…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The second Institute seminar, “Ukrainians in Australia: An Eyewitness Account," was presented by Dr. Celestin Suchowersky, formerly of the University library, on 2 October. In February 1979 Dr. Suchowersky visited the…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The Institute’s third seminar was given by Dr. Myron Kuropas on "The Making and Tempering of the Ukrainian American." Between 1884 and 1915, the Rusin-American who emigrated to the United States with a weak…
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