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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 28 Issue 2

This issue features two essays on Vasile Avramenko, a brief history of the Ukrainian Youth Association, as well as articles on Father Nicholas Shumsky and the struggle for a Ukrainian Catholic identity, surveillance of the Ukrainian community in Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounties, and a feminist re-read of Vera Lysenko's "Yellow Boots."ARTICLESAndrij Makuch: Introduction: Ukrainians in Canada between the Great War and the Cold War / viiOrest T. Martynowych: “All That Jazz!” The Avramenko Phenomenon in Canada, 1925-1929 / 1 Andriy Nahachewsky: Avramenko and the Paradigm of National Culture / 31Uliana (Elaine) Holowach-Amiot: The Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association: Its Origins and Early Years / 51Myroslaw Tataryn: Father Nicholas Shumsky and the Struggle for a Ukrainian Catholic Identity / 69Myron Momryk: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Surveillance of the Ukrainian Community in Canada / 89Lisa Grekul: (Re)reading the Female Ethnic Subject: Vera Lysenko’ s Yellow Boots / 113 BOOK REVIEWS John-Paul Himka: Lidia Lykhach and Mykola Kornienko. Ukrainian Folk Icons from the Land of Shevchenko; Teodoziia Zarivna and Olha Loza, eds. Ukrainian Antiquities in Private Collections: Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttia Regions: Catalogue — Icons on Glass, Tiles, Plates, Crosses, Candelabra; Franklin A. Sciacca and William H. Noll, eds. Ukrainian Icons I3th-I8th Centuries from Private Collections / 129 Thomas M. Prymak: Bohdan S. Kordan. Canada and the Ukrainian Question 1939-45: A Study in Statecraft / 132Peter J. Melnycky: Bohdan S. Kordan. Enemy Aliens, Prisoners of War: Internment in Canada during the Great War; Bohdan S. Kordan and Craig Mahovsky. A Bare and Impolitic Right: Internment and Ukrainian-Canadian Redress / 134 Andrij Makuch: Lubomyr Y. Luciuk. Searching for Place: Ukrainian Displaced Persons, Canada and the Migration of Memory / 137 L’ ubica Babotová: Alena Morávková. Děti Stepní Hellady: Pražská Škola Ukrajinských Emigrantských Básníků / 139Ettore Cinnella: Iurii Mytsyk, comp. Ukrainskyi Holokost, 1932-1933: Svidchennia Tykh, Khto Vyzhyv / 141 Natalia Shostak: Vic Satzewich. The Ukrainian Diaspora / 142 Lisa Grekul: Sonia Mycak, ed.  I'm Ukrainian, Mate!: New Australian Generation of Poets / 144 Serge Cipko: Stepan Kacharaba. Emihratsiia z Zakhidnoi Ukrainy (1919-1939) / 146 Orest Zakydalsky: George Dzul. Crossing Years / 147 BOOKS RECEIVED / 149

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