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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 27 Issue 1–2

This special issue is dedicated to the memory of Danylo Husar Struk who died in Munich, Germany, on June 19, 1999. The issue features eighteen essays in the field of Ukrainian literature and one in linguistics, mostly contributed by Danylo's colleagues and students.ARTICLES Roman Senkus: Introduction / 1 Roman Koropeckyj: Taras Shevchenko ’s Encounters with the Kazaks / 9 Marko Pavlyshyn: Rereading the Classics in a Post-Soviet World: The Case of Olha Kobylianska / 33Jars Balan: Vasyl Stefanyk’ s Literary Monument to the Ukrainian Pioneers of Canada / 51Myroslav Shkandrij: The Politics of High Culture: Petro Karmansky’ s Mavp'iache Zerkalo / 63Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj: Italy in the Works of Petro Karmansky / 79Michael M. Naydan: Two Musical Conceptions of the Revolution: Aleksandr Blok’ s Dvenadtsat and Pavlo Tychyna’ s Zamist Sonetiv i Oktav / 93 Marko Robert Stech: The Concept of Personal Revolution in Mykola Kulish’ s Early Plays / 107 Iurii Andrukhovych: Antonych: Sertsevyna Ekzotyky / 125 Lidia Stefanowska: The Poetics of Liminality: Bohdan Ihor Antonych in the Context of Interwar Polish Literature / 137Maxim Tarnawsky: Mykhailo Rudnytsky—Literary Critic / 161Walter Smyrniw: The First Space Voyages in Ukrainian Science Fiction / 173Maria G. Rewakowicz: (Post)Modernist Masks: The Aesthetics of Play in the Poetry of Emma Andiievska and Bohdan Rubchak / 183 Natalia Pylypiuk: Meditations on Stained Glass: Kholodny, Kalynets, Stus / 195Vitaly Chernetsky: The Trope of Displacement and Identity Construction in Post-Colonial Ukrainian Fiction / 215Tamara Hundorova: Bu-Ba-Bu, Karnaval i Kitch / 233Mark Andryczyk: Bu-Ba-Bu: Poetry and Performance / 257Maryna Romanets': Erotic Assemblages: Field Research, Palimpsests, and What Lies Beneath / 273Halyna Koscharsky: The Female Voice in the Poetry of Oksana Zabuzhko and Natalka Bilotserkivets': Reinforcing or Resisting Existing Configurations? / 287Alla Nedashkivska: The Language of Polarized Femininities in Contemporary Ukraine / 295 Danylo Husar Struk: A Select Bibliography / 321BOOK REVIEWS Iurii Kundrat: Vasyl Khoma. Rozvytok Rusynskoi Poezii v Slovachchyni vid 20-kh do 90-kh rokiv XX st.: Narys Istrorii z Portretamy Poetiv / 327Serhii Feduniak: Volodymyr Fisanov. Prohrane Supernytsvo: SShA ta Avstro-Uhorshchyna u Tsentralnii Ievropi v Roky Pershoi Svitovoi Viiny / 330 Marko Pavlyshyn: Ewa M. Thompson. Imperial Knowledge: Russian Literature and Colonialism / 335Guido Hausmann: Gerhard Simon, ed. Die Neue Ukraine: Gesellschaft — Wirtschaft — Politik (1991-2001) / 336 Myroslav Shkandrij: Roman Oliinyk-Rakhmanny. Ideolohichni Napriamky v Zakhidnii Ukraini (1919-1939) / 338 BOOKS RECEIVED /341

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