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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 16 Issue 1–2

This special issue marks the one hundredth anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada in 1991-1992. As is fitting for such a significant milestone, the focus of the volume is historical, although it does not, except as background, concern the pioneer immigration itself. The essays presented here begin to address the issues of the interwar years.SPECIAL ISSUE: UKRAINIANS IN CANADA Frances Swyripa: Editor's Note ...1 ARTICLES Serge Cipko: In Search of a New Home: Ukrainian Emigration Patterns Between the Two World Wars ...3Myron Gulka-Tiechko: Ukrainian Immigration to Canada under the Railways Agreement, 1925-30 ...29Oleh W. Gerus: The Reverend Semen Sawchuk and the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada ...61 Jars Balan: Backdrop to an Era: The Ukrainian Canadian Stage in the Interwar Years ...89 Bohdan Y. Nebesio: Zaporozhets za Dunaiem (1938): The Production of the First Ukrainian-Language Feature Film in Canada ...115 K. W. Sokolyk: The Role of Ukrainian Sports Teams, Clubs, and Leagues, 1924-52 ...131 Gregory Robinson: Rougher Than Any Other Nationality? Ukrainian Canadians and Crime in Alberta, 1915-29 ...147 Myron Momryk: Ukrainian Volunteers from Canada in the International Brigades, Spain, 1936-39 ...181 Anna Reczyhska: Ukrainians and the "Ukrainian Question" as Seen by Poles in Canada during the Second World War ...195 Victor O. Buyniak: Constantine Henry Andrusyshen: The First Canadian-Born Slavist ...211 Alexandra Kruchka Glynn: Vera Lysenko's Men in Sheepskin Coats (1947): The Untold Story ...219 ARCHIVAL SOURCES Leonid Leshchenko: Arkhivni Dzherela v Ukrajini do Vyvchennia Istoriji Kanadtsiv Ukrajins'koho Pokhodzhennia ... 231 BOOK REVIEWS David J. Goa: Basil Rotoff, Roman Yereniuk, and Stella Hryniuk. Monuments to Faith: Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba ...245 Paul Voisey: Orest Martynowych. Ukrainians in Canada: The Formative Years, 1891-1924 ...246 Manoly R. Lupul: Myron B. Kuropas. The Ukrainian Americans: Roots and Aspirations, 1884-1954 ...249 Audrey Kobayashi: Bohdan S. Kordan and Peter Melnycky, eds. In the Shadow of the Rockies: Diary of the Castle Mountain Internment Camp ...251 Tamara Palmer Seiler: Vera Lysenko. Yellow Boots, 2d ed., with an introduction by Alexandra Kryvoruchka ...252 Myrna Kostash: Gloria Kupchenko Frolick. Anna Veryha ...253 Joseph Pivato: Jars Balan and G.N. Louise Jonasson, eds. Prairie Fire ...255

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