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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 14 Issue 1–2

This issue features essays on Taras Shevchenko as an emigré poet and on the literary techniques in his works; a piece comparing J. J. Rousseau's "Emile" and P. Kulish's views on education; an analysis of Ivan Franko's "Moloda muza" as well as essays on the themes in the literary works of Mykola Khvyl'ovy, Yuriy Yanovs'ky, Yevhen Hutsalo, I. Mykytenko and L. Pervomaiskyi, Nikolay Gogol, Vladimir Tendryakov, D.S. Merezhovsky, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn; an analysis on the changing image of Ukrainians in English-Canadian fiction; and notes in applied linguistics regarding the concept of love in Ukrainian.E. N. Burtynsky, R. Lindheim: Preface ...vii E. N. Burtynsky, R. Lindheim: Bibliography of the Works of G. S. N. Luckyj ...1 ARTICLES George Y. Shevelov: Iak Sklo: On and Around a Simile in Shevchenko's Poetry ...9 Bohdan Rubchak: Taras Shevchenko as an Émigré Poet ...21 Romana M. Bahry: J. J. Rousseau's Émile and P. Kulish's Views on Education ...57 Marta Horban-Carynnyk: Ivan Franko and Moloda Muza ...80 Myroslav Shkandrij: Irony in the Works of Mykola Khvyl'ovy ...90 Dolly Ferguson: Yuriy Yanovs'ky's Four Sabres: A Re-examination of the Concept of Faustian Man ...103Marko Pavlyshyn: Yevhen Hutsalo's Pozychenyy Cholovik: The Whimsical in the Contemporary Ukrainian Novel ...113 Jaroslav Rozumnyj: The Return of a Symbol: Shevchenko's Kateryna in Contemporary Soviet Ukrainian Literature ...129 Bohdan Budurowycz: The Changing Image of Ukrainians in English-Canadian Fiction ...143 Nicolae Pavliuc: Dual Forms in Literary Ukrainian and Dialects ...158 Oleksa Horbach: Vulychnytski Argotyzmy v Tvorakh I. Mykytenka i L. Pervomaiskoho ...174 Bohdan Medwidsky: The Concept of Love in Ukrainian: Some Notes in Applied Linguistics ...192 Ralph Lindheim: Gogol's Inspector General as Dumb Show ...200 H. E. Bowman: The Central Emblem in Dead Souls ...212 Kathryn Feuer: Intentional and Emergent Structures in Dead Souls (Chichikov: A Case for the Defense) ...216 Constantin Ponomareff: Nikolay Gogol's Nihilism ...234 C. Harold Bedford: Tragedy as Ideology: D.S. Merezhkovsky's Paul I ...241 N. N. Schneidman: Soviet Schools and Society in the Prose of Vladimir Tendryakov ...249 K. A. Lantz: Solzhenitsyn and Anarchism: Authority and Justice ...259

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