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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 11 Issue 1

This issue features a series of articles on the Chernobyl disaster with themes including a six-month review, the political fallout in Ukraine, and the consequences following the tragic event; a continuation to the previous issue's essay on women in the Soviet Ukrainian novel; and, a research note on the peasant and alcohol in Easter Galicia in the late XIX century.The Chernobyl DisasterARTICLES David R. Marples: Chernobyl: A Six-Month Review ...3 Roman Solchanyk: Chernobyl: The Political Fallout in Ukraine ...20 Walter Huda: Medical Consequences of Chernobyl ...35 Yaroslav Hordynsky: Zhinoche Pytannia v Povisti Radianskoi Ukrainy ...53 RESEARCH NOTE Stella M. Hryniuk: The Peasant and Alcohol in Eastern Galicia in the Late Nineteenth Century: A Note ...75 GUIDE TO RESEARCH Marta Tarnawsky: Ukrainian Literature in English Published since 1980: Part 2 ...87 BOOK REVIEWS Robert J. Brym: Benjamin Pinkus, The Soviet Government and the Jews, 1948-1967: A Documented Study ...109 Stephen Velychenko: William M. Mandel, Soviet But Not Russian ...110 George A. Perfecky: Bohdan Struminsky, Pseudo-Melesko: A Ukrainian Apocryphal Parliamentary Speech of 1615-1618 ...112 Andrew Sorokowski: Osyp Zinkewych and Rev. Taras R. Lonchyna, eds., Martyrolohiia Ukrainskykh Tserkov. Tom II. Ukrainska Katolytska Tserkva ...115 Gennady Ozornoy: I. S. Koropeckyj, ed. Selected Contributions of Ukrainian Scholars to Economics ...119

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