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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 10 Issue 2

This issue features an article on Ukrainians and the 1981 Canada Census ethnic-origin question, an essay on male and female principles as structure in the ritual foodways of Ukrainians in Canada, a piece on women in the Soviet Ukrainian novel, and a translation of Valerian Pidmohylnyi's "Vania".ARTICLES Bohdan S. Kordan and Rita F. Chow: Ukrainians and the 1981 Canada Census Ethnic-Origin Question ...3Robert B. Klymasz: Male and Female Principles as Structure in the Ritual Foodways of Ukrainians in Canada ...15 Yaroslav Hordynsky: Zhinoche Pytannia v Povisti Radianskoi Ukrainy ...28 Valeriian Pidmohylny: Vania. Translated and with an introduction by Maxim Tarnawsky ...49 GUIDES TO RESEARCH Marta Tarnawsky: Ukrainian Literature in English Published Since 1980, Part I ...69 REVIEW ARTICLE Stephen Velychenko: The Official Soviet View of Ukrainian Historiography ...81 BOOK REVIEWS Richard H. Marshall: Antoine Eugene Kaluzny, La Philosophie du Coeur de Gregoire Skovoroda ...95Marta Horban-Carynnyk: Pershyi Vinok: Zhinochyi Almanakh, 2d ed. ...98 Jaroslaw V. Koshiw: Ewald Ammende, Human Life in Russia ...101 David R. Marples: Graham Ross, The Foreign Office and the Kremlin: British Documents on Anglo-Soviet Relations, 1941-1945 ...107 Thomas M. Prymak: Lubomyr R. Wynar, Mychajlo Hrusevs’kyj: Biobibliographische Quelle, 1866-1934 ...109 Thomas M. Prymak: Lubomyr R. Wynar, Dmytro Doroshenko, 1882-1951 ...110 Christine D. Worobec: R. E. F. Smith and David Christian, Bread and Salt: A Social and Economic History of Food and Drink in Russia ...111 Nicholas G. Bohatiuk: Alfred J. Rieber, Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Imperial Russia ...113 Boris Balan: Walker Connor, The National Question in Marxist-Leninist Theory and Strategy ...116 Bohdan S. Kordan: Paul Robert Magocsi, Our People: Carpatho-Rusyns and Their Descendants in North America ...119 Stephen Velychenko: The Confessions of Victor X, Ed. and trans. Donald Rayfield ...122 Jars Balan: Ray Serwylo, Accordion Lessons ...124 BOOKS RECEIVED ...127

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