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Journal of Ukrainian Graduate Studies Vol 3 Issue 2

This issue features a piece on Vynnychenko's mission to Moscow and Kharkiv, a chapter from the History of the Ukrainian Diaspora, a study of the Ukrainian language between Old Bulgarian, Polish and Russian, an essay on the Ukrainian language versus the Ukrainian language of emigrés, a study of the coming of age of Ukrainian Studies, as well as a report on Ukrainian language textbooks at the University level.ARTICLES Melanie Czajkowskyj: Volodymyr Vynnychenko and His Mission to Moscow and Kharkiv ...3 Yury Boshyk: A Chapter from the History of the Ukrainian Diaspora: M. Drahomanov’s Hromada, the Ukrainian Printing House in Geneva, and A. M. (Kuzma) Liakhotsky ...25 Bohdan Strumins’kyj: Ukrainian between Old Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian ...40 Yaroslav Kharchun: Ukraiins'ka Mova, chy Mova Ukraiins'koji Emihratsiji ...57 Peter L. Rudnytsky: Icarus and Prometheus: The Coming of Age of Ukrainian Studies ...62 Jaroslau Rozumnyj: A Report on Ukrainian Language Textbooks at the University Level ...68 GUIDES TO RESEARCH Primary Sources to Immigration and Settlement at the Public Archives of Canada, Part Two: Doug Whyte: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police ...83Nadia Kazymyra: The Office of the Registrar General ...88 REVIEWS Myroslav Yurkevich: Alexander Sydorenko, The Kievan Academy in the Seventeenth Century ...92Kostantin Huytan: Arnol’d Davidovich Margolin, Ukraine and Policy of the Entente ...95 James E. Mace: Hryhorii Kostiuk, Okaianni Roky: Vid Lukianivskoi Tiurmy do Vorkutskoi Trahedii (1935-1940) ...99

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