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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 18 Issue 1–2


Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 18 Issue 1–2


Resettlement of Ukrainians
Ukrainian Literature
Contemporary Ukraine


This issues features a personal memoir of the establishment of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta, articles on Ukrainian historiography; deportation, incarceration and forced resettlement of Ukrainians in the Soviet Period; a brief biography of Oleksander Shumsky; articles on the Ukrainian people in the beginning of the twentieth century; Tyt Myskovsky; the Workers' and National-Democratic Movements in contemporary Ukraine; the Andiievska Chronicle; and a productive deverbal derivation in modern Ukrainian. The issue also features reviews of Ihor Kalynets' poetry as well as Andrej Kepinski's "Lach i Moskal."


Manoly R. Lupul: The Establishment of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta: A Personal Memoir / 1

Orest Subtelny: The Current State of Ukrainian Historiography / 33

Ihor Vynnychenko: The Deportation, Incarceration, and Forced Resettlement of Ukrainians in the Soviet Period / 55

lurii Shapoval: Oleksander Shumsky: His Last Thirteen Years / 69

Andreas Kappeler: A "Small People" of Twenty-five Million: The Ukrainians circa 1900 / 85

Peter Galadza: Tyt Myshkovsky: The Esteemed Russophile of the Lviv Greco-Catholic Theological Academy / 93

Anatolii Rusnachenko: The Workers' and National-Democratic Movements in Contemporary Ukraine / 123

Danylo Husar Struk: A Novel about Human Destiny, or the Andiievska Chronicle / 151

Victor Lychyk: Productive Deverbal Derivation in Modern Ukrainian / 161


Marko Pavlyshyn: Anatomizing Melancholy: The Poetry of Ihor Kalynets' / 185

Frank E. Sysyn: "There is no Rus', there is only Poland and Muscovy": The Muddying of Stereotypes in Andrzej Kępiński's Lach i Moskal / 217


Myroslav Shkandrij: Danylo Husar Struk, editor in chief, Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Volumes 3-5 / 225

Thomas M. Prymak: Michael F. Hamm, Kiev: A Portrait, 1800-1917 / 229

Mark von Hagen: Andreas Kappeler, Russland als Vielvolkerreich: Entstehimg, Geschichte, Zerfall;
Gerhard Simon, Nationalism and Policy toward the Nationalities in the Soviet Union: From Totalitarian Dictatorship to Post-Stalinist Society / 232

Martin Dimnik: Sophia Senyk.  A History of the Church in Ukraine. Vol. 1. To the End of the Thirteenth Century / 240

Peter A. Rolland: Giovanna Brogi Bercoff, ed. Ricerche Slavistiche. Vol. 37. La percezione del Medioevo nell'epoca del Barocco: Polonia, Ucraina, Russia; Atti del Congresso tenutosi a Urbino 3-8 luglio 1989 / 243

Bohdan Klid: George S. N. Luckyj. Young Ukraine: The Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius, 1845-1847 / 247

John-Paul Himka: István Deák. Beyond Nationalism: A Social and Political History of the Habsburg Officer Corps, 1848-1918 / 248

Stephen Velychenko: Daniel Beauvois, La bataille de la terre en Ukraine, 1863-1914: Les Polonais et les conflits socio-ethniques / 251

Maya Johnson: Romana Bahrii [Bahry]. Shliakh Sera Val'tera Skotta na Ukrajinu (Taras Bul'ba M. Hoholia i Chorna Rada P. Kulisha v Svitvi Istirychnoji Romanistyky Val'tera Skotta) / 253

Oleh Ilnytzkyj: Mikulash Nevrlyi, Ukrainska Radianska Poeziia 20-kh rokiv: Mikroportrety v Khudozhnikh Styliakh i Napriamakh / 256

John S. Reshetar, Jr.: V. M. Danylenko, H. V. Kasianov, and S. V. Kulchytsky. Stalinizm na Ukraini: 20-30-ti roky / 258

Jaroslaw Bilocerkowycz: Roman Solchanyk, ed. Ukraine: From Chernobyl' to Sovereignty: A Collection of Interviews / 261

Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak: Frances Swyripa. Wedded to the Cause: Ukrainian-Canadian Women and Ethnic Identity, 1891-1991 / 264

Andrii Krawchuk: Zonia Keywan. A Turbulent Life: Biography of Josaphat Jean, O.S.B.M (1885-1972) / 267

L'ubica Babotová: Keith P. Dyrud. The Quest for the Rusyn Soul: The Politics of Religion and Culture in Eastern Europe and in America, 1890-World War I / 271

Marta Dyczok: Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Yury Boshyk, and Roman Senkus, eds. The Refugee Experience: Ukrainian Displaced Persons after World War II / 273

Henry Abramson: John D. Klier and Shlomo Lambroza. Pogroms: Anti-Jewish Violence in Modern Russian History / 275

Bohdan Y. Nebesio: J. Hoberman. Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film between Two Worlds / 277

Christine D. Worobec: Shirin Rai, Hilary Pilkington, and Annie Phizacklea, eds. Women in the Face of Change: The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China / 278

Serge Cipko: A Select Index to Svoboda: Official Publication of the Ukrainian National Association, Inc., a Fraternal Association, Volumes 1-3 / 280

John-Paul Himka: Manfred Alexander, Frank Kampfer and Andreas Kappeler, eds. Kleine Volker in der Geschichte Osteuropas: Festschrift fur Gunther Stokl zum 75. Geburtstag / 282









Summer–Winter 1993


Manoly R. Lupul, Orest Subtelny, Ihor Vynnychenko, lurii Shapoval, Andreas Kappeler, Peter Galadza, Anatolii Rusnachenko, Danylo Husar Struk, Victor Lychyk, Marko Pavlyshyn, Frank E. Sysyn, Myroslav Shkandrij, Thomas M. Prymak, Mark von Hagen, Martin Dimnik, Peter A. Rolland, Bohdan Klid, John-Paul Himka, Stephen Velychenko, Maya Johnson, Oleh Ilnytzkyj, John S. Reshetar, Jr, Jaroslaw Bilocerkowycz, Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Andrii Krawchuk, L'ubica Babotová, Marta Dyczok, Henry Abramson, Bohdan Y. Nebesio, Christine D. Worobec, Serge Cipko



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