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Dmytro Dontsov and Interwar Ukrainian Nationalism

Description: CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.

On 4 December Nestor Makuch, recent recipient of an honours B.A. in history at the University of Alberta, presented the sixth Institute seminar, "Dmytro Dontsov and Interwar Ukrainian Nationalism." In 1929 several integral nationalist groups in Western Ukraine and adjacent areas of Eastern Europe banded together to form the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (O.U.N.). The groups themselves had arisen during the 1920s in response to internal and external factors that, they felt, were threatening the very survival of the Ukrainian nation. Externally, the postwar settlements had left many European countries with dissatisfied national minorities, such as the Ukrainians in Poland. Polish aggression was a major factor contributing to the Ukrainians' perceived threat of their elimination as a national group. This aggravated the hostility Ukrainians felt toward the Western democracies for allowing Ukrainian territory to be incorporated into Poland. Coupled with a decline of parliamentarianism in the West and Poland and the rise of authoritarian regimes, this resentment aided in the development of the methods by which Ukrainians would attempt to redress their grievances. Internally, the failure of the Ukrainian revolution convinced nationalists that the existing strategy and programmes of the Ukrainian leadership were ineffectual. Therefore, they looked for a "new way" to achieve national self-determination. The "new way" was supplied by Dontsov who fanned the discontent the younger generation through his voluminous publicistic work and, though never formally a member of the party, created the psychological milieu that facilitated O.U.N. recruitment.

Found in CIUS Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 1 (Winter 1979)
Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: December 4, 1979
Contributor: Nestor Makuch
Language: English, Ukrainian
Original Format: Magnetic tape, audio cassette





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