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Uсrainica mediaevalis in the University of Alberta Library, or 'You Mean We Have That in Our Collection?'

Description: CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2. Part 2 audio begins at 03:23.

The sixth Institute seminar at the University of Alberta was held on January 19. Dr. Peter A. Rolland, assistant professor in the Department of Slavic Languages spoke on "Uorainica mediaevalis in the University of Alberta Library, or 'You Mean We Have That in Our Collection?"'

Dr. Rolland surveyed the microfilm copies of significant Middle Ukrainian and Middle Belorussian printed books (15 - I8cc.) which the University of Alberta has obtained from the Rare Book Collection of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (AN URSR) . They are presently housed in the Micromaterials Collection of the university library together with commentaries on the most important of these imprints.

The speaker noted that of the 325 titles obtained from Kyiv, the 112 from Western Rus' (Ukraine and Belorussia) represent some of the oldest centres of early East Slavic printing—Vilnius, Ostroh, Kyiv, and Lviv. Among other imprints the speaker noted those of Krakow (Casoslov, 1482), Venice (5 Service books, 1519-1546) and Moscow (2 Gospel books and 1 Apostol printed before 1564). Prominent among imprints from Western Rus' are the Lviv Apostol (1574), the Ostroh Bible (1581), the Great Lithuanian Statute (1583) , the 1619 edition of Smotryt sky's Church Slavonic grammar, and the Slu&ebnik (1629) and Euohologion of Petro Mohyla. Works by individual preachers and poets include Baranovych' s Mea duxovnyj (1666) and Truby stoves (1674), Galiatovsky' s Kazanja (1660), Kljuc razumenija (1663, 1665) Nebo novoje (1665), Radyvylovsky ' s Ohorodok Marii (1676), Tuptalo's Runo orosennoje (1702). Dr. Rolland concluded that the collection represents an invaluable source of material for all students of Middle Ukrainian and Middle Belorussian literature, history, and culture.

Found in CIUS Newsletters Vol 2 Issue 3 (Winter 1978)
Author: CIUS
Publisher: CIUS
Date: January 19, 1978
Language: English, Ukrainian
Original Format: Magnetic tape, audio cassette





CIUS, “Uсrainica mediaevalis in the University of Alberta Library, or 'You Mean We Have That in Our Collection?',” CIUS-Archives, accessed March 23, 2023,
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