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Douglas Barbour, Photo by Roman Petriw.jpg
Photos by Roman Petriw Photos featuring Douglas Barbour, George Ryga

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.Dr. Ivan L. Rudnytsky, professor of history, presented the fifth Institute seminar on 20 November. His talk was entitled "F. Duchinski: His Impact on Ukrainian Political Thought." Franciszek Duchiffeki (1817-93) was a…

CIUS interview audio (3 Parts).Interview with Ilya Semchyshyn about Ukraine. Born in Bosnia on August 2, 1951. His predecessors were born in Galicia. Mr. Semchyshyn witnessed the Bosnian war.

CIUS Seminar Audio.The thirteenth Institute seminar at the University of Alberta took place on March 27, 1979. B. Krawchenko, research associate at the Institute and Visiting assistant professor of political science, spoke on "The Intelligentsia of…
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