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CIUS lecture audio.On March 1, 2011 Oleh Ilnytzkyj (Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta), gave the Forty-fifth annual Shevchenko Lecture on the topic: “Shevchenko and Gogol' (Hohof): The Ukrainian Intelligentsia…

CIUS seminar audio. The great Ukrainian-Kuban famine of 1932–33—the Holodomor—was one of the determinative events of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, it was largely ignored by scholars until the last few years of the existence of the Soviet…

Lecture Audio Part 1 and 2The thirteenth annual Shevchenko Lecture at the University of Alberta was held on March 7, 1979. Dr. Roman Szporluk, professor of history at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, spoke on "Ukraine since 1945: A Study in…

CIUS Seminar Audio.The thirteenth Institute seminar at the University of Alberta took place on March 27, 1979. B. Krawchenko, research associate at the Institute and Visiting assistant professor of political science, spoke on "The Intelligentsia of…
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