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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 15 Issue 2

This issue features articles on the Ukrainian National Resistance in Soviet Ukraine, governance and intelligentsia during the years of the New Economic Policy in Ukraine, historiography on the Jews and the Ukrainian Revolution, the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33, French loan-words in XIX-XX century Ukrainian writing and a document on the manifesto of the Democratic Party of Ukraine.ARTICLES Bohdan Nahaylo: Ukrainian National Resistance in Soviet Ukraine During the 1920s ...1 Heorhii Kas'ianov: Vlada ta Inteligentsiia na Ukraini v Roky NEPu ...19 Henry Abramson: Historiography on the Jews and the Ukrainian Revolution ...33 Ian A. Hunter: Putting History on Trial: The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 ...47 Yaroslav Harchun: French Loan-words in the Work of 19th Century and Early 20th Century Ukrainian Writers ...75 DOCUMENTS Manifesto of the Democratic Party of Ukraine (translated with introduction by Myroslav Shkandrij) ...85 BOOKS REVIEW John-Paul Himka: laroslav Hrytsak. “...Dukh, shcho tilo rve do boiu...” Sproba Politychnoho Portreta Ivana Franka ...113 Ulrich Trumpener: Catherine Andreyev. Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Movement: Soviet Reality and Emigre Theories ...114 John-Paul Himka: Uliana Liubovych, et al. eds. Rohatynska Zemlia. Zbirnyk Istorychno-Memuarnykh, Etnohrafichnykh i Pobutovykh Materiialiv ...115 Andriy Nahachewsky: D. P. Krvavych and H. H. Stelmaschuk. Ukrainskyi Narodnyi Odiah XVII — pochatky XIX st. v Akvareliakh Iu. Hlohovskoho ...117 Orest Martynowych: Lubomyr Luciuk. A Time for Atonement: Canada's First National Internment Operations and the Ukrainian Canadians, 1914-1920 ...119 Alexandra Kruchka: Ludmilla Bereshko [Fran Ponomarenko]. The Parcel from Chicken Street and other Stories ...123 POVIDOMLENNIA Publikatsii z Arkhiviv KDB ...127

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