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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 10 Issue 1

This issue features an historical introduction to Ukrainian Studies at Monash University, a piece on the rhetoric and politics of Ivan Kotliarevsky's "Eneida," an analysis of Lesia Ukrainka's "Lisova Pisnia" as a variant of the liebestod motif, an essay on the dramaturgy of grief in Vasyl Stefanyk's "Syny," a piece on the non-deverbative formation of verbs in Modern Ukrainian and Polish, an essy on Vojvodina's Rusinian and its Ukrainian constituent, and an article on Ukrainian Studies in Czechoslovakia between the World Wars.ARTICLES: Monash University Scholars in Ukrainian Studies J. E. M. Clarke: Ukrainian Studies at Monash University — A Historical Introduction ...3 Marko Pavlyshyn: The Rhetoric and Politics of Kotliarevsky's Eneida ...9 Slobodanka Vladiv: Lisova Pisnia as a Variant of the Liebestod Motif ...25 Olesia Rosalion: The Dramaturgy of Grief: Vasyl Stefanyk's Syny ...39 Jadwiga Kuligowska: Non-deverbative Formation of Verbs in Modern Ukrainian and Polish ...49 Robert Slonek: Certain Paradigmatic Anomalies in the History of Ukrainian Accentuation ...67 REVIEW ARTICLES Jiŕi Marvan: Vojvodina's Rusinian and Its Ukrainian Constituent ...73 Jindra Hrnčiŕová-Potter: Ukrainian Studies in Czechoslovakia between the World Wars ...83 OTHER ARTICLES Sonia Maryn: Ukrainian-Canadian Women in Transition: From Church Basement to Board Room ...89George S.N. Luckyj: On the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Suchasnist' ...97 BOOK REVIEWS Stepan Velychenko: Alexander Baran and George Gajecky, The Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, Volume 2: 1625-1648 ...101Bohdan Somchynsky: James E. Mace, Communism and the Dilemmas of National Liberation: National Communism in Soviet Ukraine, 1918-1933 ...104 Marko Pavlyshyn: Bohdan Romanenchuk, Nataliia Pazuniak, and Leonid Rudnytsky, eds., Literaturni Protsesy Pislia Druhoi Svitovoi Vijny ...107Frances Swyripa: V. J. Kaye, Ukrainian Canadians in Canada's Wars ...109 BOOKS RECEIVED ...112

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