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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 8 Issue 2

This issue features an essay on Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Rakoczis in 1648, a piece on the early Ukrainian American immigration and the conversion of the Minneapolis Parish to Russian Orthodoxy, an essay on the Methodist Rural Home Missions as agencies of assimilation, a piece on the geography of the 1933 Soviet Famine, an essay on the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops' protest against the Famine, a piece on the National Students Organization in Germany, a brief biography of the last years of Mykhailo Slabchenko, a statistical profile of dissidents in Ukraine before 1972, an essay on the romantic utopia and science fiction of Oles Berdnyk, and a postmortem of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.ARTICLES Steven Velychenko: Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Rakoczis of Transylvania during the Polish Election of 1648 ...3 Michael Palij: Early Ukrainian Immigration to the United States and the Conversion of the Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Minneapolis to Russian Orthodoxy ...13 Vivian Olender: “Save Them for the Nation”: Methodist Rural Home Missions as Agencies of Assimilation ...38 S. Maksudov: The Geography of the Soviet Famine of 1933 ...52 Andrii Krawchuk: Protesting Against the Famine: The Statement of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops in 1933 ... 59 Bohdan Tsymbalistyi: Natsionalna Orhanizatsiia Ukrainskykh Studentiv v Nimechchyni ...63 Janusz Radziejowski: The Last Years of Mykhailo Slabchenko ...81 Bohdan Krawchenko and Jim A. Carter: Dissidents in Ukraine before 1972: A Summary Statistical Profile ...85Marko Pavlyshyn: Oles Berdnyk’ s Okotsvit and Zorianyi Korsar: Romantic Utopia and Science Fiction ...89 REVIEW ARTICLE Victor Haynes: The Ukrainian Helsinki Group: A Postmortem ...102 BOOK REVIEWS Yury Boshyk: Robert Edelman. Gentry Politics on the Eve of the Russian Revolution ...114 Yury Boshyk: Soiuz Vyzvolennia Ukrainy 1914-1918. Viden ...116 Thomas M. Prymak: Ivan Teslia and Evhen Tiutko. Istorychnyi Atlas Ukrainy ...117 Mykola Mushynka: Naukovyi Zbirnyk Muzeiu Ukrajins'koji Kul'tury v Svydnyku ...119 Pavlo Murashko: Wooden Churches in the Carpathians ...124 BOOKS RECEIVED ...127

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