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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 6 Issue 2

This issue features an essay on the political thought of Soviet Ukrainian dissent, a piece on dissident poets in Ukraine, an analysis of the constitutive program and theory of Mykola Drahomanov, a reflection on the Canadian perceptions of Ukrainians (1891-1914), and an essay on Mazepa's speech to his countrymen.ARTICLES Ivan L. Rudnytsky: The Political Thought of Soviet Ukrainian Dissent ...3 Ostap Tarnawsky: Dissident Poets in Ukraine ...17 Yevhen Pyziur: Konstytutsiyna Prohrama i Teoriia M. Drahomanova ...28 Jaroslav Petryshyn: Canadian Perceptions of the North-West and the East Europeans, 1891-1914: The Case of the Ukrainians ...43 George A. Perfecky: Mazepa’s Speech to His Countrymen ...66 BOOK REVIEWS J. Marko Bojcun: Alexander J. Motyl', The Turn to the Right: The Ideological Origins and Development of Ukrainian Nationalism, 1919-192 ...73 Orest Subtelny: Joseph T. Fuhrmann, Tsar Alexis, His Reign and His Russia ...76 Alexander J. Motyl': Walter Dushnyk ed. Ukraine in a Changing World ...77 Peter J. Potichny: Edward Allworth, ed. Ethnic Russia in the USSR: The Dilemma of Dominance ...78 Ihor V. Zielyk: Myroslava Stefaniuk and Fred E. Dohrs. Ukrainians of Detroit ...80 Ihor Kachurovs'kyi: A. A. Buriachok, I. I. Hurin. Slovnyk Ukrajins'kykh Rym ...84 BOOKS RECEIVED ...90

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