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Journal of Ukrainian Graduate Studies Vol 3 Issue 1

This issue features a piece examining Shevchenko's Romanticism, an essay on Ukrainian lyrical poetry, a piece on Sergo Paradzhanov in prison, a comparison of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the past and in the present, and an essay on Ukrainian folklore in Canada.ARTICLES Lisa E. Schneider: An Examination of Shevchenko’ s Romanticism ...5 Orest Zilynsky: Trudni Shliaky Zrostannia ...29 Marco Carynnyk: Sergo Paradzhanov in Prison ...47Ivan Jaworsky: Poland and Ukraine: Past and Present ...56 Robert B. Klymasz: Ukrainian Folklore in Canada: The Big Put-Down ...66 COMMENTS Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytsky: Rusifikatsiia chy Malorosiianstvo? ...78 Paul Pines: Hearing with the Eyes, Seeing with the Ears: The Sublunar Life of Bohdan Ihor Antonych ...85 GUIDES TO RESEARCH Frances Swyripa: Theses and Dissertations on Ukrainian Canadians: An Annotated Bibliography ...91 REVIEWS W. Roman Petryshyn: Wsevolod W. Isajiw, ed., Ukrainians in American and Canadian Society: Contributions to the Sociology of Ethnic Groups ...111 Andrij Makuch: No Gold for Baba’s Children: Helen Potrebenko, Myrna Kostash, and the Crisis of Ukrainian-Canadian Historiography ...118

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