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A collection of twenty-three essays by Ivan L. Rudnytsky, a leading historian of modern Ukraine noted for his original interpretation of key issues in modern Ukrainian history.

Essay titles include:

The Role of Ukraine in Modern History

The atlas Ukrainians of the Eastern Diaspora is the first such publication concerning Ukrainians living outside their ethnic territory and scattered throughout the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union during the course of the last century. The Soviet…

Andrei Sheptyts'kyi (1865–1944), metropolitan-archbishop of the Greek Catholic Church in Galicia, was a towering figure in twentieth-century Ukrainian life. This collection of twenty-one essays examines Metropolitan Sheptyts'kyi as church hierarch,…

Anna Stasiuk_WM.jpg
Donors of the Stasiuk Program: Anna Stasiuk, Eudokia Stasiuk (1898-1987), Vasyl Stasiuk (1887-1960), Yakiv Stasiuk (1909-1978)

2009-05-09 U poshukhakh tradytsii (Turii).pdf
У пошуках традиції:
Проблема ідентичности «традиційних» Церков в сучасній Україні

Chernobyl and Nuclear Power in the USSR provided the first detailed account of the Soviet nuclear power industry and of the nature, impact and consequences of the Chernobyl (Chornobyl) disaster of 28 April 1986. Marples places the Chornobyl accident…

The first social history of modern Ukraine in English. This book examines the effects of social and political change in twentieth-century Ukraine on the national consciousness of workers, peasants, the intelligentsia, and the political elite.…
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