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The CIUS Research Report No. 65, Ukrainian Literature in English, 1966–1979: An Annotated Bibliography (527 pp.), compiled and edited by Marta Tarnawsky, is the fourth CIUS Press publication of Ms. Tarnawsky's major continuing bibliographic project…

This political autobiography of John Boyd (Boychuk) is an edited and upgraded transcript of an interview that he gave in 1996 to the Cecil-Ross Society. It covers Boyd's full-time work in the Canadian communist movement; the role of Ukrainians in the…


A comprehensive bibliography which includes articles, prose, poems, correspondence, photography, and artistic reproductions of the Ukrainian avant-garde struggle.

The CIUS Research Report No. 62, Ukrainian Literature in English: 1980–1989: An Annotated Bibliography, compiled and edited by Marta Tarnawsky, is the third CIUS Press publication of Ms. Tarnawsky's major continuing bibliographic project which…

An extensive two-volume collection of documents of the German Authorities related to the activities of the Ukrainian Central Committee in Cracow and Lviv.

RR No 60.pdf
A catalogue of 2,138 selected files, the majority of whith are from the British Foreign Office archive, on Ukraine and Ukrainians.

A comprehensive bibliography of Ukrainian-language imprints published outside Ukraine. Originally published in Madrid in 1962, this work reprints the greater part of Buchynsky's rare and little-known work Bibliografía ucraniana 1945–1961.…

It includes 3,375 items on Dovzhenko's writings and secondary sources.

A unique, professional bibliography, characterized by a very narrow chronological and geographical focus. In addition the 515 publications listed are limited to printed books, pamphlets, and calendars, and for the most parts have been described de…

Survey of Ukrainian Folk Tales is divided into four parts: A survey of Ukrainian folk-tale collecting. Remarks about the generic relationship of the East-Slavic folk tale A description of the national repertoire Analysis of the origin and development…

A list of bibliographies, newspaper articles, biographies, periodicals and journals published by Ukrainians in Russia. Included is a Statistical Compendium of Ukrainians in Russia.

A chronology of the public activity of the Council of Nationalities (1989–1993) most important events. This work lists national and cultural associations, communal organizations and their leaders who were invited to the sessions of CN RUKH.

This publication contains collections of over a hundred Lemko Songs by Nykyfor Leschyshak, written over one hundred years ago and prepared for publication by Ivan Franko. See Choral Music, Folks songs, Carols, and Ballad in the Encyclopedia of…

A collection of sixty-one folkloric songs that Ukrainian pioneers brought with them to Canada.

The CIUS Research Report No. 51, Ukrainian Literature in English: Articles in Journals and Collections, 1840-1965, compiled and edited by Marta Tarnawsky, is the second CIUS Press publication of Ms. Tarnawsky's major continuing bibliographic project…

The work reprinted here is Maslov's synthesis of almost a quarter century of work with, and reflection on, Ukrainian book culture of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. In less than seventy pages, he gives us an overview of the major printing…

The Luchkovich collection consists of 4 volumes, together measuring 110 cm. of files. Volume 1, which is the largest contains mainly Luchkovich's personal papers.

The compiler of this work and the work itself are little know even among professional Ukrainianists. The works sets itself the purely practical task of covering the literature that appeared between 1917 and 1929 in Soviet Ukraine and dealt with…

The Batchinsky Collection is a monument to Evhen Batchinsky's passion for documentation, which he directed toward preserving as many materials as possible relating to Ukrainian political history and emigre activity in Western Europe.

A review of the 26-volume History of Cities and Villages of the Ukrainian SSR which was published between 1967 and 1974.
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