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CIUS seminar audio. On March 14, 2012, Mykola Riabchuk (political analyst and writer, Kyiv), gave a seminar on the topic: “In Bed with the Elephant: Ukrainian-Russian Asymmetric’ Relations”Found in CIUS Newsletter 2012

CIUS Shevchenko Annual Lecture audio.Co-organized by CIUS and the Ukrainian Professional and Business Club of Edmonton, the forty- sixth Shevchenko lecture at the University of Alberta was given by James Sherr, a senior fellow of the Russia and…

CIUS Seminar Audio Part 1 and 2.The eighth Institute seminar at the University of Alberta was held on February 23, 1978. Mr. Nestor Makuch, a third year honors history student, spoke on "Russo-Ukrainian Relations: March 1917–January 1918." Ukrainian…

[Molchanov M. A. Politiсal culture and National Identity in Russiаn—Ukrainian Relations. —
College Station, 2002. — IX + 350 pp.]

[Переяславська Рада 1654 року/Заг. ред. П. Сохань. — К., 2003; Петро Шелест. Справжній суд історії ще попереду/Ред. Ю. Шаповал. — К., 2003; Володимир Щербицький. Спогади сучасників/Ред. В. Ф. Возианов та ін. — К., 2003; Gil А. Dekret prezydenta…

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