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Journal of Ukrainian Studies Vol 12 Issue 1

This issue features an article on the Soviet destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1929-1936, a piece on the early development of the Ukrainian theater director Les Kurbas, and an essay on Canada and its ethnic minorities in the years 1939 to 1945.ARTICLES Bohdan R. Bociurkiw: The Soviet Destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 1929-36 ...3 Virlana Tkacz: The Birth of a Director: The Early Development of Les Kurbas and His First Season with the Young Theatre ...22 Mary Halloran: Ethnicity, the State and War: Canada and its Ethnic Minorities, 1939-45 ...55 GUIDE TO RESEARCH Marta Tarnawsky: Ukrainian Literature in English Published Since 1980: Part 3 ...67 BOOKS REVEIW Daniel Sahas: David J. Goa, Seasons of Celebration: Ritual in Eastern Christian Culture/Temps de Celebration: Les Rites dans la Culture Chretienne de I’Orient ...87 Andrew Sorokowski: Dimitry Pospielovsky, The Russian Church Under the Soviet Regime, 1917-1982 ...92 John-Paul Himka: Sophia Senyk, Women’s Monasteries in Ukraine and Belorussia to the Period of Suppressions ...96 Ihor V. Zielyk: Volodymyr Maruniak, Ukrainska Emigratsiia v Nimechchyni i Avstrii po Druhii Svitovii Viini ...97 Ihor Stebelsky: Paul R. Magocsi, Ukraine: A Historical Atlas ...101 Alan Rutkowski: Paul R. Magocsi, Ucrainica at the University of Toronto Library: A Catalogue of Holdings ...105

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